School's out, vacations are underway and the heat is killing us all! Man can you believe the temps and it's just June....... what in the world is August going to be like around here?
Tell us why you love being a "Dad"
Here's what they said:
Kevin Maxwell is "Dad" to Bridger, Canyon and Hunter (aka #maxwellboys). When asked what he loves about being a Dad, Kevin said:

I love being able to teach my boys everything my Dad taught me ." and " One of the best things about being a Dad is the feeling I get when I come home from work and the boys run to the door and welcome me home with hugs!"

( Mandy Maxwell is wife and Mom to this handsome crew and is one of Hot Blinks first eyelash extension clients. )

Tillman and Chapman call Keith Kaderka "Dad". When we asked Keith what he loved about being a Dad, he said:

As a Dad there are endless things that make being a Dad great. I love it when I walk in the door after a days work and they are so excited to see me and they scream "Daddy". Also it makes me feel great when I can teach them the ways of life like being respectful to others by saying "Yes Ma'am"; "No Ma'am"; "Thank You" and "No Thank You". You know, the old school words that not too long ago were taught to kids. To sum it up, I love being a Dad! Oh and can't forget T-Ball.

( Shelley Kaderka is wife and Mom to this rowdy bunch and is one of our fabulous hair stylists . )

My grand-kids Kylie and Caden call my son "Dad". When I asked Charles Ament what he loved about being a Dad, he said:

"The greatest thing about being a father is watching your children grow through life’s experiences. Giving them the opportunity to discover things on their own and being there to help them with establishing their own beliefs. The time goes so fast, but the rewards as a father are immeasurable."

( I am Mary Green the owner of Hot Blinks Beauty Bar and lashinista extraordinaire... hee hee ;-) )

Are y'all crying yet? How sweet are these Dad's?
Be still my heart . . . Love makes the world go round!!!

Happy Father's Day to All Those Sweet Dad's Out There!!!
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