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August 2018 Build Progress Update #.0030

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August Progress
 "Being a by-product of our generation; adolescence in the 70's and being teenagers in the 80's, we wanted our rig to glow. Pop rivets were used to secure the new DOT reflectors, and the 74 new LED front and side markers were secured using stainless steel bolts & nuts. The rear lights and reflectors will be installed, after we finish rear door repairs. Until recent years, our personal race bikes and cars were towed using open trailers. So, we truly appreciate what we have and that's why we're giving it 120%." ~Jill
"The remaining build tasks are about 40% outdoors and 60% indoors. We have focused our efforts on the outdoor (trailer and truck) work, during the summer months, because they won't fit in our shop. Despite having rain on almost every weekend of the summer, we've still made great progress." ~Rod
Jill and Jessica finished installing the front and bottom lights. Rod and Jill mounted the reflectors. Jill finished polished the aluminum top rails, before she and Rod installed the new upper marker lights. Denny wired the bottoms, Rod wired the tops and Kenny repaired the original harness. Thanks to a total team effort, it's lit and looking good.
Rod removed the trailers original back door and its outer panels. The framework was rotted beyond repair so, there was no choice but to make a complete new rear door from scratch. Rod made the new framework and it was test fit this past weekend. Of course, it fit like a glove!
The funny car clutches are on the way and transmissions are going on order. The race cars will become top priority, as soon as the trailer and truck work is complete.
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Rod Fazekas
Driver of the 1966 Nova
Jill Fazekas
Driver of the 1971 Mustang
Kenny Mohler  
Crew Chief
Jessica Mohler
Merchandise Manager & Crew
Denny Lautenbacher
Machinist/Car Chief
Ella Mohler  
Jr. Crew
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