Bulldogs Running

  Summer 2019
Greetings Bulldogs,

2019 is shaping up to be an amazing year for the Bulldogs! 

Fifteen Boston Bulldogs ran (and finished) the Boston Marathon,  nine of them as part of the 2019 fundraising team who raised over $58,000 for the Boston Bulldogs.


The annual Run for Recovery &  Tribute 

in May was our best 
yet with close to 500 registered runners, 
60 volunteers and 30 local businesses 
and  community programs in attendance - 
including  inspiring appearances from 
Councilor Matt O'Malley  to start the race 
and DA Marian Ryan who joined  us for the Tribute. 


The Giving Back program continues to grow with the generous help of Club members and the community at large. The program brings much needed clothing and personal items as well as a little kindness and compassion to those dramatically affected by addiction in our communities.  

Donate via our Amazon wish list.

We continue to grow and to strengthen our commitment to build community for ALL who are affected by addiction.  We hope you will join us for a Boston Bulldogs event and consider meeting us for  one of our weekly runs.  The Boston Bulldogs have grown to 4 locations (Cleveland Circle, Ply mouth, Scituate and Quincy) with over 235 active members.  Check the website for specific times and locations. 

Please reach out to us  if you have questions about the Boston Bulldogs.  Thanks as always for your support. 

Stay well,

The Boston Bulldogs Team

Celebrating The Beacon Hill Athletic Club/Boston Bulldogs Partnership
From our earliest days, the Beacon Hill Athletic Club has been a supporter and partner in the truest sense. As Sponsors every year for the annual Run for Recovery & Tribute, as contributors to wellness seminars and activities, as generous and meaningful providers of professional guidance and wellness support for Club members -- we salute their commitment to our community. 

Special thanks to BHAC and Leah for offering a special Yoga for Runners class for Boston Bulldogs Club members at the Brookline Village location on Sunday July 28. 

Good luck to the Boston Bulldogs running the Falmouth Road Race 
Support the team. See you at the beach.

Junior Bulldogs 
We are continuing to pilot a  Junior Bulldogs  program with the Italian Home for Children and the Roxbury YMCA.

Join us for a Fun Run at 10am on Saturday August 10 at the Rez to celebrate with the Junior Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs Full Circle Experience 

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to provide a quick update on our FullCircle program and the successes our participating runners have had. For those who may not know, our Full Circle Program is an opportunity for Club members to commit to and achieve their wellness goals. Runners work one on one with a wellness sponsor to set goals, receive a training plan and coaching.  There are 2 Full Circle levels,  with an optional 3rd level. The levels consist of a 5K and 10K distance.  Each level takes about 6 weeks to complete.

Setting and achieving goals helps not only with physical growth, but with your personal growth as well. One of my favorite things about the Full Circle program is getting to train together. Members get the support they need (and the occasional nudge.) Once members complete their own program goals, they give back to other members making the same commitment.

Full Circle graduate and Bulldogs Coach Will is always ready to offer running advice, tips on the best running shoes and gear (and where to find the best ice cream!) Full Circle Graduate Joe, now our Program Outreach Coordinator, is out and about talking about the Bulldogs and what we have to offer. Let us know if there are community programs you think would benefit! 

Welcome to Bulldog Kelley as a  Full Circle Leader and a big thanks to all Full Circle Leaders for making this program a success.

Full Circle is open to all Club members who are affected by addiction.  For more info email me at meaghan@bostonbulldogsrunning.com.

Bulldog Meaghan
Full Circle Coordinator

The  Full Circle  program for members who commit to a training program with specific wellness goals and to paying it forward through community outreach and mentoring new Club members is growing steadily.

Greetings from the South

Greetings from Matt and Ashley, running coordinators for our weekly runs in Scituate, from South Shore Peer Recovery 50 Cole Pkwy on Mondays and Plymouth/Nelson Park on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Our relationships with the community and fellow Bulldogs continues to grow. We had a great Giving Back day on July 21 in Brockton at the Mainspring Shelter thanks to South Shore Bulldogs and the local community.

We look forward to seeing you on the South Shore.

Bulldogs Matt & Ashley 

South Shore Coordinators 
Gus' Corner


From what the Coach has told me, I know nothing about the first principle of the Boston Bulldogs - self-leadershipHe tells me that it encompasses stepping out of our comfort zones and facing the struggle to find our true potential, our kind-hearted warrior. 

Coach can be relentless with his "messages". I tell him I am fine and as a matter of fact, I do practice the principle of transparency. I admit I am one  lazy Bulldog and would rather  stay at home and sleep.  He is getting the message that I have decided not to change. His backing off has eased his anxiety and our relationship is more relaxed.

So, if you are concerned about a friend or loved one, it's better to accept your limitations with respect to their choices. Sometimes it is better to focus on relating to that person where they are -- rather than where you want them to be. 

Peace out Dogs,


Weekly Boston Bulldog Group Runs 
With backdrops as beautiful as the Chestnut Hill  Reservoir in Cle veland Circle, Nelson Park in Plymouth, Scituate Harbor and Wollaston beach in Quincy - we are excited every week about our Club runs.  Coaching is available - as well as support with gear or  transportation if needed.  All ages, experience and abilities welcome! 
Cleveland Circle
9am (summer hours) on Saturdays and 6:30pm on Thursdays. 

Monday nights at from the South Shore Peer Recovery Center.

Plymouth/South Shore 
The South Shore Boston Bulldogs gather Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm and on Saturday mornings in Ne lson Park to run along beautiful, historic  Plymouth Harbor...rain or shine. 

Contact southshore@bostonbulldogsrunning.org for details. 

Monday nights at 6:30pm in front of Cafe Maddie at Wollaston Beach

Check out the race and event calendar on the website or our  Facebook page for the details on upcoming events and Bulldog team races.
Boston Bulldogs Membership

We hope you will join the Club or renew your current annual membership. Annual membership rates are $35. for individuals and $60. for families. Please consider a $35. donation to sponsor a member in recovery - the Bulldogs pay race fees, provide running gear and other support to members who need it.

The membership benefits and 
application form are on the website - you can pay online through the website store or by mailing a check to Boston Bulldogs Running Club | PO Box 470558, Brookline, MA, 02447-0558.

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