[Fall 2017] PMC Newsletter #3
PMC Newsletter #4
Hello Publications and Media Community! Happy November! Can't believe we're already this far into the semester!
Table of Contents:
  1. PMC Events
  2. Community Events
  3. PMC Resources
  4. Partner Resources
  5. Student Org Spotlight
  6. Contact Us
PMC Events
Hot Drinks & Hot Takes
November 3 | 2-4pm | MLK 177 (PMC Office)
Dine & dish with your fellow publication & media officers; drinks and food from Tivoli cafe will be provided. Come and go as you please--take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Publications & Media Center space + the community around you! See you in MLK 177 on Friday from 2-4pm!
Student Media Live!
November 30 | 6-9pm | Anna Head Alumnae Hall
The event is a collection of features commonly found in traditional, print magazines but done in the form of live presentations. Presentations include poetry readings, live photoshoots, performances from bands, and videos -- all created by members of student publications on campus.

Click "going" on the Facebook event here to stay updated and invite your friends!
Community Events
Fiat Yuks: Cal Student Humor, Then and Now
Nov 1 - June 3 | Bancroft Library, Rowell Cases, 2nd floor corridor between The Bancroft Library and Doe Library
Let there be laughter! This exhibition features Cal students' cartoons, jokes, and satire throughout the years selected from their humor magazines and other publications.
To the Letter: Regarding the Written Word
Nov 2 - 5 | 11am-7 pm | Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive
This exhibition crosses cultures and centuries to bring together works that activate the expressive and aesthetic potential of letters and words.
CMYK Designathon 2017
Nov 4 | 9am-6pm | Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation
Innovative Design welcomes UC Berkeley students to the 6th annual CMYK Designathon! Just starting in your design journey? No sweat. We're excited to bring you a series of keynotes and workshops, presented by designers from Google, Dropbox, Adobe, Palantir, Everlane and Gladly.
Anime Destiny Convention
Nov 5 | 9am-7pm | Berkeley
Through Anime Destiny, we hope to bring local anime fans together and to provide an enjoyable, cozy experience for our attendees through fun events, interesting panels, and awesome merchandise created by artists! If you're into Japanese culture as well, this is the event for you!
Combinatory Digital Poetics in Electronic Literature and Film
Nov 8 | 5-6:30pm | 127 Dwinelle Hall
Scott Rettberg will discuss how an interest in combinatory poetics reflected first in projects such as the poetry generators “Frequency,” “Tokyo Garage,” and “After Parthenope” emerged in collaborations with Roderick Coover and Nick Montfort in the combinatory film “Three Rails Live” and subsequently with Coover the feature-length combinatory film “Toxi*City” and the new work-in-progress (recently filmed in Ireland) “Circe.”
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PMC Resources & Programs
Publication Orders
The PMC has the capacity to receive publication orders. Therefore, you can ship your publication orders straight to the PMC using this address:
Publications and Media Center
177 Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union
2495 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94720-4500
PMC Programs
Did you know we offer 6 FREE programs for all student publication and media organizations? Click on the images to learn more!
Partner Resources
The LEAD Center offers a variety of ways for you to request marketing for any events your student org puts on.
North Gate Studios provides professional broadcast services for television and radio interviews. Housed within the Nan Tucker McEvoy Broadcast Laboratory, the hub of the school's acclaimed television and documentary program, the television studio accommodates up to tow people in a professional setting for live or pre-recorded interviews via high-speed video fiber network.
Student Org Spotlight!
Media Spotlight:
Humans of Berkeley (HoB) is a registered student organization at UC Berkeley. It is a continuous social media project aimed to map out the scope and depth of diversity present in the Berkeley student body and community members by advancing a multiculturalist approach in understanding the implications of the diversity. Inspired by Brandon Stanton's photodiary project Humans of New York, HoB strives to provide a platform to showcase the individuality of Berkeley students and community members through spontaneous interviews and one-on-one storytelling.
Publication Spotlight:
Caliber is UC Berkeley's "Everything Magazine," a lifestyle and entertainment powerhouse that encompasses virtually all fields of interest to Berkeleyans. It aims to create a professional magazine worthy of being a Berkeley publication. Food, music, sex, beauty, fashion, health, humor, technology, shopping, leisure, reports, investigations, academics... it's all in the new Caliber Magazine.
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