Panther East offers the best Hot Equipment in the industry. From Hot Tanks & Luggers, to Skid Kettles, Patch Kettles & Pumper Kettles - We carry it all. Down to the highest grade mop yarn, handles, mop carts, thermometers, kettle skimmers & easy pour buckets - We stock it. Affordable, durable and dependable is what you get with tools & equipment from Panther East. Check out some of the highlighted items below and get the job done faster, easier and more profitable than before! 
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Miscellaneous Items
Hot Kettles
Must Have for Hot Roofing
Mop Carts
Hot Roof Accessories
Equipment  & Systems
110 Lugger 

Hot tanks are available in insulated and uninsulated > Standard 4" stem thermometer Specifications 110 gallon uninsulated shipping weight: 160 lbs 110 gallon insulated shipping weight: 260lbs 


300 Gallon Kettle 



From their heavy-duty schedule 40 blast tubes to their thick inner and outer skins, ASE kettles have a well earned reputation as high production asphalt kettles that last. 


Length: 160 in.
Width: 75 in.
Height: 50 in.
Shipping Weight: 2100 lbs.

Capacity: 290 Engine 9HP Honda Bump; 2" Viking Burner(s): 1 Brakes: Optional Hitch: Pintle



90 Gal. Skid Kettle


Patterned after the 30 gallon patch kettle. Can be ordered with rear skid assembly or 4 additional 12 x 3 wheels. Collapsible handles on both ends for easy maneuvering. Includes regulator, gauge, LP burner and LP hose. 4'' stem thermometer. Draw off cock. Four 12 x 3 wheels.


Hot Roofing



All Seasons 55 Gallon Insulated Hot Tank on 4 Wheel Carrier. 

ASE Automatic Temp Control

A must have for kettle owners and users. Provides temperature control and safety with no hassle.This system controls the burners based on temperature readings from the asphalt tank guaranteeing that your kettle is kept at the most efficient temperature for your job requirements. This system will allow you to maximize safety while minimizing your propane usage and labour costs associated with operation an asphalt kettle. 

30 Gal. Patch Kettle

Fits in elevators. For small patch jobs, tie ins and general roof maintenance. Collapsible handles on both ends for easy maneuvering. Includes regulator, gauge, LP burner and LP hose. 4'' stem thermometer. Draw off cock. Two 12 x 3 wheels.



Large Hot Kettles
600 Gal. Pumper Kettle


A high performance and high capacity ASE kettle. Holds up to 620 gallons, 490 gallons of useable asphalt. A smooth running 9.1 horsepowered Honda engine, electric brakes on both axles and a breakaway brake system make this both sturdy and safe> Breakaway Brake System 



1250 Gal. Kettle 



From their heavy duty schedule 40 blast tubes, to their thick inner and outer skins, ASE kettles have a well earned reputation for high production asphalt kettles that last. This 1250 Gallon Kettle is equipped with a 9 HP Honda Engine, a 2" Viking Pump, 2 Burners, 3 Lids and 3 6000 Axle Rated Axles. 

595 Gal. Towable Kettle
Axle capacity: one 6000 lb torque type. Optional axle capacity: two 6000 lb torque type. Road rated radials, electric brakes standard, tail lights.
Hot Roofing Necessities 
Easy Pour Buckets



Light and easy to carry. Roof safe bottoms, no sharp edges. Heavy duty safety bail. Safety handles for easy pouring. Seamless design in 5 and 8 gallon buckets. 

Handheld Thermometer

Read the temperature of your material in any container with our handeld thermometer. Wooden hand grip for burn-free readings! Safe and reliable. 24" In length



Kettle Skimmers









Remove debris from any kettles with kettle skimmers from Panther East. A must have for Hot Roofing Jobs. 


Mop Carts
PEPA 30 Gallon Mop Cart 



30 Gallon Durable, Lightweight and Lasting Mop Cart. One of Panther East's top selling products from their line of custom tools and equipment for hot roofers and professional contractors.




ASE 20 Gallon Mop Cart


 Ideal for hand mop. Has built-in wind breaker and splash guard. 400 x 480 tires make it extremely easy to push.

ASE Mini Mopper


 Light-weight dispenser used for strip mopping, flood coats etc. on metal decks. Coverage can be varied by removing any amount of hole bolts necessary.

Hot Roofing Accessories 
Roller Mops and Frames






Roller Mops available in 12", 18" and 24". Frames sold as separate units. Will fit any 6' or 8' aluminum or wood pin type handle. 

Mop Yarn (100% Cotton)

Single strands of white yarn. 100% cotton, good pick up. Packed in 60 lb. cartons. Each hank tied 3 times. Uses 6',7' or 8' handles with bell adapter.


Mop Handles 
Our aluminum mops come with a lightweight cast aluminum bell which allows for quick change of mop heads!

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