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 Datasheet view for SharePoint 2013/2016

Do you miss the excel-like editing experience of the SharePoint 2010 Datasheet view?

We made it available in SharePoint 2013/2016!

datasheet view

With the Datasheet View web part you can now have a datasheet view experience in any page that you want and bulk-edit remote lists much faster!
SharePoint List Inline Editor

 Wanna experience super fast bulk editing?

With KWizCom’s List Inline Editor you don’t have to switch to any special “Quick Edit” view, you can simply bulk-edit list items right in your list views!

With the support for custom columns and data import from Excel spreadsheet into existing lists, you get the BEST bulk-edit solution in the market today!
Watch the short video series above
to see how fast your content editing experience can be!
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