Spartanburg High School's First Black Cheerleader Returns To Carver Middle School  to Share Her Story About Integration 
in the District
Carver Cheerleader, Diamond Lowrance, Gives Cynthia Reid Wills 
a Warm Welcome to Carver Middle School

Cynthia Reid Wills grew up poor in the early 60's, but the story of her life is rich with inspiration. Ms. Wills who graduated from Spartanburg High School in 1972, was among the first African American students to attend SHS when Carver Senior High School closed to advance the efforts of integration in the District. Wills, who wryly says she was born to be a cheerleader, started cheering at Carver, then went on to become one of the first black cheerleaders at SHS. In her senior year at the high school, she was not only the lone black student on the squad, she was named the co-captain of the team. Ms. Wills was in Spartanburg on Friday, April 27 and talked with a gym full of girls at Carver Middle School about the movie that tells her life story. Adapted from her book, Content of Character, the movie, by the same title, will debut at the Chapman Cultural Center on Saturday, June 30. With an infectious laugh and boundless encouragement, Wills told her young audience that they too could break barriers and do anything they set their minds to. Following her remarks, the Carver cheerleaders presented her with a personalized Carver megaphone - a priceless keepsake the D7 alumna says she'll cherish forever. Click here to see the trailer of the movie, Content of Character, The Diary of a Young Black Girl, and reserve your tickets now for the June 30 event at the Chapman Cultural Center.

Cynthia Reid Wills Testing Out Her New Megaphone
The Benefits of Time Away - D7 Educators Rise to the Top 
Rising to the Top of One of the Seven 
Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu, 
Christine Horowitz and Kim Buice Believed They Could and Did!  

This spring break, two D7 colleagues and friends accompanied each other on a dream trip, a four-day, 27 mile Inca Trail hike to the ancient city of Machu Picchu. As technology scholars, Kim Buice, Chapman's technology integration specialist and Christine Horowitz, director of instructional technology had very little professional reason to travel to Peru, but having survived together a mile and half trek up the Great Wall of China (largely remembered for pelting  torrential rain) in 2017, they looked at this next adventure as something to starkly different that the usual spring break to Disney World. With the school year winding down, the two educators agreed the timing was right for a decidedly nonacademic adventure far away from all distractions.  Or was it? There was altitude sickness, 3a.m. wakeup calls, days without a shower, an eleven-hour day of hiking that included an ascension at 13,779 feet and the list of challenges goes on! Kim and Christine say nonetheless, the goal to reach the apex of the mountain created great excitement. Add to that, the beauty of their surroundings and the fun of seeing alpacas and llamas and the D7 duo say they came away from their adventure eager to share their stories with students. " The time away," said Kim, "led me to insights I wouldn't have normally gained and inspired a sense of greater purpose in my work."
Warm Smiles and Laughter Need No Translation. "
Sometimes We Need Reminders of How Amazing Life Is," Christine Horowitz Said. 
New Choices on the Plate for Students at Spartanburg High 
SHS's Student Choice Program Lets Students Play an Active Role in Choosing What They Want to Eat at Lunch

Spartanburg High School's food service provider, Chartwells, has a plan to spice up its daily offerings for students. While pizza won't be pushed off the menu, Chartwells says they've been testing student tastebuds and have found that young people are eager to try new things. Take Thai pizza as an example - the zesty pie with spicy red curry, bok choy, green onions, chicken, and sesame seeds, was just one of several dishes that students sampled during Chartwells "School Choice" Week in mid-April. Junior Miranda Powell, gave the non-traditional dish two thumbs-up.
Eugenie Caroselli, a regional vice president with Chartwells said, "students appreciate fresh ingredients and getting to eat what they want to eat."
SHS was one of three schools in the nation chosen to participate in the pilot program which brought four new food concepts to the cafeteria, including Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese foods. chicken prepared in various ways with Each day, students were asked to sample the choices and vote for their favorites via computer. Votes were then tallied and broadcast the next day. The big winner of the week was dubbed, The Bird Dog. What  pray tell is a  Bird Dog,   you ask? That would be a toasted hot dog bun, with a crispy chicken tender tucked inside, garnished with crispy bacon and a drizzle of honey mustard. Ken Higgins, district manager with Chartwells said, "The kids' engagement piece was really strong. We put the power in their hands." 

Alexander Smalls' Visit to District 7 - Truly a Homecoming

Alexander Smalls With Culinary Arts Students on the Fine Points of Cooking
The table was set for one of our own. Spartanburg High School Class of 1970 graduate, Alexander "Bernie" Smalls, recently sat down with students at Spartanburg High School and Daniel Morgan Technology Center (DMTC) to break bread and talk about his life since high school.  Chef Tim Page's culinary arts students sharpened their skills and welcomed Smalls to their kitchen at DMTC where they prepared a meal fit for a king. A fitting tribute for the SHS alumnus who happens to be a world renowned chef.  Smalls, an award-winning opera singer turned chef and restaurateur, is considered "the father of Southern Revival cooking," and grew up on the south side of Spartanburg in the 1950s and '60s. With recipes straight out of Smalls' newest, and high acclaimed cookbook,  students prepared a collard green salad with coconut dressing, short ribs that were moist and tender, macaroni and cheese that was rich and creamy, and okra with a perfectly fried crust . If you're hungry for more recipes like these, check out   Between Harlem and HeavenAfro-Asian-American Cooking for Big Nights, Weeknights, and Every Day

 Under the Direction of Lisa Cunningham and Kim Colon, the SHS Girls Choir Magnificently Performed, Shenandoah, for the Former Crooner
Students With Leading Parts in Addams Family Musical Have "Kooky" Stories of Their Own!
Emilie Parsons and Dante Stewart
Emilie Parsons and Dante Stewart couldn't be any more different but the two Spartanburg High School students, cast as the leads in the District's spring musical, are thrilled to be sharing the same stage! While Parsons has been in every spring show the District has produced in the past nine years - she's never been cast as the lead. Meanwhile, Stewart, who says he's always loved theatre, is a newcomer to the annual play and truly amazed to find himself front and center. Playing the parts of Gomez and Morticia Addams, the co-stars are only weeks away from opening night and eager for audiences to enjoy the fun.
Dante and Emilie On What To Expect From The Addams Family

Terrific Kids "Inspire Us Every Day" 

Twelve young people in District 7 have been singled out as Terrific Kids! Each was distinguished  at the annual Spartanburg County Terrific Kids luncheon f or their good character and citizenship. The honorees include: Natalie Cotrell,who attends the Early Learning Center; Ashleigh Faulkner, of Chapman Elementary; Wyatt Koffel, Cleveland Academy; Robyn Williams, E.P. Todd School; Shawn V. Jacobs, Houston Elementary; Katie Dogan, Jesse Boyd, Jennifer Rivera-Lopez, Mary H. Wright; Kade Volk, Pine Street; Jahvari Jenkins, McCarthy Teszler Elementary; Michael Allen, McCarthy Teszler Teszler Division and Chris Jackson, McCarty Teszler Secondary Division.  The students were presented with a Terrific Kids plaque and T-shirt, a coupon to Zaxby's, and a certificate signed by Governor McMaster. Scott Cochran, president of Spartanburg Methodist College, served as the keynote speaker. Terrific Kids is a student recognition program, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Spartanburg that promotes character development, self-esteem, and perseverance. "Terrific" is an acronym for Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive and Capable. Cothran said, " Terrific Kids, you inspire us every day and continue to show us what's important in life."
Don't Miss a "THING"
Tickets Go On Sale Soon For The Addams Family

The Addams Family opens the week of May 24-27 at the Chapman Cultural Center. Tickets can be purchased online beginning May 1. 
Registration for the 2018-2019 School Year Begins May 1 

Registration is open for the 2018-2019 school year for all returning District 7 students with a SnapCode. For families without Info Snap Codes please visit your neighborhood school Tuesday - Thursday from 9am-2pm, now through June 1, to register your child. To enroll a new student, a parent must present the following: a state-issued birth certificate, a properly completed immunization certificate or religious exemption certificate, and two forms of proof of residence (such as a current utility bill or a copy of a lease agreement). For more information, please contact Audril Jones, in the Student Services Department, at 864.594.6190 or
April 2018
Cleveland Academy/B.A.R.S. Academy's Official Music Video.
A ward winning artist Chris "CeeJ" Jefferson launched B.A.R.S. Academy through the Start:ME business accelerator, driven by the Northside Development Group and George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business. B.A.R.S. Academy is a community driven creative arts service that allows Spartanburg's inner-city youth to combine education, creativity and entrepreneurship while learning the ins and outs of the music business.  Chris partnered with music coach and DJ, Terrance "DJ News" Hawes for this project with Cleveland Academy

With a stellar academic record and a resume of honors that reflects his many achievements in and out of the classroom, SHS senior, Matthew Evans,
can also claim the distinction of being named a U.S. Presidential Scholars semifinalist. Matthew is one of only 630 Presidential Scholars in the country and 13 in the state, to be singled out for the nation's most prestigious scholars program. Congratulations Matthew!
Zoe Gordon, Pine Street student and class president, is an Upstate Parent Magazine student "Who Makes a Difference." Zoe was recognized for organizing a fundraiser to give gifts to her school's janitorial staff.
Knox Eaton, a Jesse Boyd student, also an honoree, was recognized for his  role with the school's safety patrol.
Six Spartanburg High School Seniors 
Put Pen to Paper on 
Spring Signing Day
The Spartanburg High School, 
2018 Prom King and Queen 
Carly Camp and Noah Goodwin

E.P. Todd's Montessori Community Picnic

Viking Early College Students - Samai Sok, D'Jare Benjamin, Kery Kerns Are Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at Spartanburg Community College. 
They are Joined by 
SCC President, Henry Giles

Cellists from Carver Middle School Perform at the Spring Collage Concert 
This Cute "Thing" Is a Member of the Cast of Suessical the Musical, Performed This Month by Students at 
Meeting Street Academy
Scholars Academy Student Brandie Wylie is Honored During the  Candlelight Signing  for Phi Theta Kappa 
Daniel Morgan's, Reckea Ferguson, Gets the Gold for Winning the SkillsUSA 
Hair Braiding Competition
Students at Chapman Elementary Took Home Numerous Awards During the Upstate Lego Expo at the 
Chapman Cultural Center
Students from the Whitlock Flexible Learning Center Talk About Safety With Spartanburg City Police Chief, Alonzo Thompson, During the School's Community Day 

In honor of the Week of the Young Child, Our Friends at the United Way Partnered with Kindergartners at The Cleveland Academy of Leadership

Earth Day Celebrations Were a Hit at Meeting Street Academy, Mary H. Wright, and the Early Learning Center


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