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"Find the Errors: Proofreading Activities" contain reproducible student worksheets designed to help students improve their editing and writing skills. Fun and humorous error-riddled worksheets provide students with engaging practice in spotting and correcting errors in different types of documents. A pre-test, post-test and answer key are included.     
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The popular pre-GED math preparation series, Math Sense, is now available in an updated edition, Math Sense 2. In the new edition, the workbooks have been condensed into just three books each covering a different range of math topics. These workbooks will provide adult learners with instructions and practice needed to succeed in life, at work, and on the high school equivalency test. Available individually and as a set.         


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NEW in Fiction

Open Door Series: Spin Cycles and The Transcriber




"Brilliant, homeless and nearly invisible, a young man wanders through Boston, looking for meaning and hope. Extreme mood swings and an unusual outlook on life make it impossible for him to thrive in mainstream society. He finds comfort in laundromats, where he calms himself by watching clothes tumble round and round. And in the streets he finds other people like himself, beyond the radar, laboring to survive." Spin Cycles is a story of loss, discovery, and redemption. This short novel - part of the Open Door Series designed for young adult and adult literacy learners - is written by acclaimed author and poet, Charles Coe, who was selected as a "Boston Literary Light for 2014." Poignant, beautiful and thought-provoking. Highly recommended.


"Louis's sister, Emily, is blind. She's also in the marching band, gets great grades, sculpts in clay, and has the biggest bedroom in the house to accommodate her Braille machine. Everyone thinks Emily's accomplishments are extraordinary, and most think that she can do no wrong. The single person who doesn't feel awe-or pity-for her is Louis. He wishes people would just stop comparing the two of them. Louis wants his own life." The Transcriber explores the power of sibling rivalry... and of reconciliation. This short novel is authored by Kristen Witucki, who has been totally blind since birth. She has earned multiple degrees including an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, and is currently working on a project to help college students who are blind or visually impaired.


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NEW in Employment & Workplace Literacy

Key Words for Specific Purposes and Hotel & Hospitality English 




Key Words for Specific Purposes is a series of handbooks covering vocabulary and language specific to industry, such as Key Words for Retail, Key Words for Hospitality, and Key Words for the Oil & Gas Industry. Each handbook includes 500 of the most important key words for anyone training or working in the particular industry. Words are organized alphabetically in a dictionary style and explained in simple language. Each book includes some practice exercises, vocabulary-building features, and an audio CD.


Hotel & Hospitality English is a practical, full-colour workbook/handbook designed to help students improve their English skills and mastery of language specific to the hotel and hospitality industry, while providing students with examples of excellent customer service. Ideal for front-line staff in restaurants and hotels. Units covered include checking guests in and out, taking food and drink orders, dealing with challenging guests and more. Features include real-life situations and tasks, and a CD with 24 conversations and exercises.  

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Perfect Phrases for ESL Series

Perfect Phrases for ESL is a series of handy reference books to help ESL learners and new immigrants navigate through conversations in different types of environments including the workplace and in everyday life. Each book contains hundreds of practical and ready-to-use phrases and expressions that will instantly help students with their mastery of the language, converse with friends, collaborate with colleagues, and communicate with the people around them. Titles available include:


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NEW in English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Collins EAP Academic Skills Series

The six books in the Collins EAP Academic Skills Series are designed to support international students of all academic disciplines/faculties with the study skills and English Language practice in order to achieve academic success at the post-secondary level. Each book focuses on one specific skill required at college/university and can be used individually or together. Chapters include tips and summaries for easy reference, information on academic expectations, and practical exercises to help students understand and master the skills required in the higher-level academic world. Titles available include:


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NEW in Life Skills and Learning Aids, and Reading & Writing

Media Literacy Series


Media Literacy is a series of nine books to help students develop a critical analysis of the different types of media that pervade their everyday lives. Each book focuses on a different form of media, and includes activities and quizzes that develop and sharpen students' ability to interpret, analyze and evaluate different types of media impressions. Titles available include:

- Advertising

- Newspapers & Magazines

- Television

- Internet

- Visual Culture

- Movies

- Music & Media

- Sex in the Media

- Video Games & Virtual Worlds  


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