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We're Going On the Road!
Hot Rod Power Tour is only a few days away! We're going on the road with our display, CEO Jack Silver's 1970 Corvette with a TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed, and Engineer Bryan White's 1964 Tempest with a TREMEC TKO 5-Speed. There will also be several SST customers making the tour. If you're going on the tour or if you live near one of the stops, we'd love to see you!

June 9 - Bowling Green, KY Beech Bend Raceway Park
June 10 - Chattanooga, TN Chattanooga State Community College
June 11 - Hoover, AL Hoover Metropolitan Stadium
June 12 - Hampton, GA Atlanta Motor Speedway
June 13 - Darlington, SC Darlington Raceway
June 14 - Raleigh, NC PNC Arena
June 15 - Concord, NC zMAX Dragway
Free shipping on all TREMEC® PerfectFit™ and RestoFit™ Kits through June 30th.
*Lower 48 states only, others will get a comparable discount.
Tech Corner
NEW SST Driveline App!
A customer needed help with his driveline angles. He knew they were off, but he didn't know what to do about it. It took hours of trigonometry work to find the best solution for the customer. Our new app makes it easy to determine the best solution for you to correct your driveline angles. Watch the video above for more information. Download your free copy at
Installing the A41 into Kevin Shaw's 1969 Charger R/T "Brazen"
Watch the video above to see a really quick overview of an A41 4-Speed automatic installation for all A, B, and E body Mopars. You can also read a review of the kit and some details of how our kit is made on Mopar Connection's website. You can also read detailed instructions on our website.
Kevin Shaw drives his A41 equipped Charger and gives his review
He starts by laying down some rubber before taking us on a rain soaked ride on a country two lane. Hear his thoughts on the feel of the shifts, the dual modes (cruise or performance), and on having a modern overdrive transmission in his 1969 Charger for long road trips.
In the News
The General Lee Build & "Death Metal" the 68 Charger Race Car
" The Muscle Car Place" is a podcast that's all about our favorite topic, muscle cars! They are building a "General Lee" 69 Charger and have several episodes about it, including episode 350 " Silver Sport Transmissions Talks Modern Overdrive Automatic Swaps For ’69 Chargers (And All Muscle Cars)".

You'll also find " The Kibbe and Finnegan Show" podcast on this website. They like to discuss episodes of the Dukes of Hazard and other topics. Episode 72, " Like A Phoenix From The Ashes – The Resurrection Of 'Death Metal': Finnegan’s ’68 Race-Car Charger!" is all about the Charger we told you about last month that will be in a future "Road Kill" episode. It's getting a TREMEC® Magnum 6-Speed PerfectFit™ from SST!
TREMEC Magnum XL Swap in a 2005 Mustang GT
Harrison Noble of Power Automedia completely trashed his stock transmission racing his Mustang on the drag strip with 500+ horsepower. He called us for a Magnum XL 6-Speed and installed it in 3 days in his home garage, no lift, no specialty tools, just his hand tools and jack stands. See photos and a breakdown of the swap at
First cars are special and Anna Brook's was a 1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring 2 door hardtop. She kept it almost 10 years, but its frequent mechanical issues lead her to nickname it "Unpredictable" and finding she needed a more reliable car, she finally sold it. 30 years later, she and her husband Howard had built several award winning show cars and were wondering what they should do next when Anna learned old "Unpredictable" was really "Unforgettable" and suggested a 71 Satellite as the next build. You'll love what Anna and Frank did to this 1971 Satellite GTX with aTREMEC TKO 5-Speed PerfectFit Kit. See photos and read the story on
Elite Distributor Spotlight
TREMEC interviewed us a few weeks ago and featured the interview in their blog. Learn more about our company and what an "Elite Distributor" on TREMEC's website.
Customer Testimonial
Customer Service = Customer Focused
Hello Jack, 

I am very pleased with the excellent customer-focused service your organization has provided to me. Over the past several months, I researched the history of Silver Sport Transmissions and I am very impressed with the formation of SST and your passion for growing a quality company that meets your customers’ needs. Your detailed explanation of the ordering, shipping process and particularly how you handle payment is first class. It is a pleasure to do business with people who value their customers. 

In my professional career, I spent much of my time as an entrepreneur building vertically integrated manufacturing companies primarily electronics based mechanical products. A critical business mission of these companies was establishing a culture of service and empowerment enabling team members to do the right thing both on the manufacturing floor and for customers. 

Now that I am retired and every day is Saturday! …I can work on my car collection. I deal with a lot of car restoration and performance parts companies. A surprising number of which do not have a clue about true customer service... In my contact with them, I can almost hear them thinking: “This would be a great place to work…if it weren’t for all those damn customers!” SST is not one of these companies. 

I wish you continued success. You have my vote of confidence… 

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