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Happy Black History Month. My name is Beau Stubblefield-Tave, and I am the new Executive Director of Us TOO International. I’m also an 11-year prostate cancer survivor who beat the odds: Black men die of prostate cancer at approximately twice the rate of other Americans. I’m excited to present you with the February 2020 issue of the Hot SHEET .

February 4th is World Cancer Day. Us TOO International is proud to participate in this important day to help spread support, education, and advocacy for patients, families, and all those affected by prostate cancer. Learn more about this disease – including testing, treatment, and management of side effects - at . Help spread the word on social media! Share your story and tag: #WorldCancerDay; #IAmAndIWill.

The Hot Sheet is your publication and we’d like your feedback on this and any of our products and services. Feel free to email us at on any aspect of prostate cancer.

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the value of the  Prostate Cancer Care Team Hub at ! It’s a new tool designed to help men diagnosed with prostate cancer and their loved ones build the best healthcare team for their fight against prostate cancer. The Hub is the result of collaboration between Us TOO and a wide range of healthcare professionals and organizations. The goal is to provide information about various prostate cancer specialists who may be needed along the journey of prostate cancer care and treatment. You’ll see more of this type of collaboration in the future. We believe it is the best way to maximize our impact on patients, families, and communities affected by prostate cancer.

We see prostate cancer as a personal struggle, a family affair, and a community crisis. Us TOO is proud to introduce you to Cancer Party —a book for children facing cancer in their family. It is beautifully written and illustrated by Sara Olsher, a cancer family survivor itself. Briefly, the idea is that a cancer cell is lonely because it’s not like all the other cells around it . This cancer cell “forgets what its job is. It can’t remember what to do! It’s so confused. And since it doesn’t know what else to do, it decides to have a party,” by creating other cancer cells as friends. This cancer story has a happy ending, of course. Sarah covers surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy and how they affect Bear, Sarah’s partner, who’s fighting cancer. Sarah also shows how the disease affects their entire family: Bear has to go to the hospital, is often too tired to play, and loses their hair. Her most important message is near the end: “ Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to make caner go away. You didn’t start the party (that’s impossible), and you can’t end it either. But you can make a person with cancer feel happier, and that is a very important job.” Order the book for free at https:// .

Throughout the year, Us TOO offers hope to the prostate cancer community through educational resources, support services and personal connections provided at no charge.

We believe everyone affected by prostate cancer is powerful: “When I dare to be powerful to use my strength in the service of my vision It becomes less and less important whether or not I am afraid.” - Audre Lorde

Whether you are a patient, survivor, family member, clinician, researcher or advocate - we are here to help you seize your power. Let us know how we can help you through Us TOO educational resources, support services and personal connections to others in the prostate cancer community. 

Shalom. Salaam. Peace.
Beau and the Us TOO Team

Beau Stubblefield-Tave, Executive Director
James Hutson, Development Director
Jackie Konieczka, Office Manager
Terri Likowski, Program Director - Support Group Services
Tim Mix, Communications Director