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Dear Reader,

Thank you for joining us for the May issue of the Hot SHEET .

The COVID-19 Pandemic has surely affected each of us in unique ways. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those directly affected by this disease and their loved ones.

Men dealing with prostate cancer, and those who love them, face special challenges in the wake of the pandemic. This includes questions of whether to delay treatment, how a caregiver can help a patient when they’re no longer allowed in the hospital, and many more.

The Us TOO website has a special COVID page that provides you with materials from our own sources and those of our partners in the prostate cancer care community. It is updated regularly, so please visit , and check back frequently.

The COVID Page Currently Features:
  • A series of articles on COVID-19 written by Dr. Mark Moyad. The latest, issued May 1st, is Conquering COVID Part 1.8 A & B (HBOT Double Issue!): “HBOT for some cancer side effects or COVID-19?!” (aka more medical centers face "pressure” to offer this option)
  • Videos from our partners at the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) and the Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN)
  • Resources curated by our friends at Cancer ABCs: NCCN-Management of PC During the COVID-19 Pandemic (with Glossary); and COVID-19 Papers

A Webinar from PHEN - How COVID-19 is Impacting Prostate Cancer Early Detection and Treatment on May 13th at 6pm Eastern
Join Prostate Health Education Network for a panel discussion focusing on current recommendations for prostate cancer early detection screening and treatments during COVID-19; how patients are being impacted; and strategies for prostate cancer care during a transition to post COVID-19. CLICK HERE to register.

This month’s Hot Sheet contains a diverse group of articles dealing with prostate cancer and its impact. These include:

Veteran’s Health Bill Promotes Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Care Program

“The Veterans Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Act…This important bill supports the development and implementation of a Veterans Health Administration (VHA) healthcare program focused on a coordinated, comprehensive care for veterans with prostate cancer (PCa)."

We hope that you will join Us TOO, the American Urological Association, and many others in supporting this vital legislation to benefit those who have served their country.

Active Surveillance vs. Immediate Treatment – Different Financial Incentives for Urologists
Active surveillance (AS) for prostate cancer is widely considered beneficial and cost-effective for low-risk patients, although many still receive immediate therapy. Many urologists do recommend AS for low-risk patients. However, it appears that they do so against their own financial interests. As the paper
concludes: “Urologists have little financial incentive to implement active surveillance. New payment models may be needed to bring financial incentives in line with the recommended treatment for patients with low-risk prostate cancer.”
Thank you for all you do in the work against prostate cancer.

Shalom. Salaam. Peace.
Beau and the Us TOO Team

Beau Stubblefield-Tave, Executive Director
James Hutson, Development Director
Jackie Konieczka, Office Manager
Terri Likowski, Program Director - Support Group Services
Tim Mix, Communications Director