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We are pleased to provide you with the May issue of the Hot SHEET newsletter. You can always access current and past issues at

You have likely already read the news, but we recently announced that Us TOO will be joining forces with ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer to better serve the prostate cancer community. This unification will allow us to make a deeper impact for prostate cancer patients, survivors, families, and medical professionals. Learn more about how the upcoming merger will strengthen our shared mission of advancing research, inspiring action, and improving the lives of men and their families through support, education, advocacy, and awareness at

Video is now available of our webinar on Shared Decision Making for Prostate Cancer. It can be challenging for any man and his partner to make the right decisions on prostate cancer testing, treatment, and management of side effects. This webinar addressed some of the concerns associated with the prostate cancer journey and provided guidance on building a support team and making informed decisions. The event featured experts: Lillie D. Shockney, Dr. Aisha T. Langford, Dr. Stacy Loeb, and Dr. Adam B. Murphy. This is the second webinar in the Us TOO series, “What is Right for Me in My Prostate Cancer Treatment?” Thanks to our series sponsor, Astellas Pfizer. The webinar was recorded on April 22nd and can be viewed at

Our next webinar in this series will be on biomarkers. Biomarkers are measurements that give information about the activity of cancer and potential response to therapy. These can be measured in blood, but also include imaging findings. The use of biomarkers may help men personalize therapy more effectively and may contribute to understanding response to treatment.
The webinar takes place Thursday, May 20 at 7pm Central, and will feature Dr. Daniel Spratt - the Vincent Smith Professor and Chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology at UH Cleveland Medical Center/Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Our moderator will be Dr. Alicia Morgans - Associate Professor of Medicine, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. The series sponsor is Astellas Pfizer. Register at

Join ZERO for their webinar, Understanding Common Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment. Prostate cancer treatments can bring a variety of side effects. Sexual function, bowel function, and urinary function may be impacted. Thankfully, new side effect risk reduction and treatment strategies exist. Join Dr. Arnold Bullock and Dr. Brian Lawenda as they provide an overview of prostate cancer side effect risk reduction and treatment advances that improve the lives of those impacted by prostate cancer. The webinar takes place on May 18, 8-9pm ET. Register at

Video is now available of our March 25th webinar on diet-related health disparities within the Black community, with an important conversation about nutrition and its impact on prostate, sexual, heart, and overall health. The event featured: Dr. Columbus D. Batiste, Dr. Edwin K. McDonald, Dr. Adam B. Murphy, and Dr. Stacy Loeb. This webinar was part of Us TOO’s new Black Men's Prostate Cancer Initiative to decrease health outcome disparities in prostate cancer treatment in the Black community through support and education. The event was sponsored by Pfizer Foundation, Janssen, and the State of Illinois. View the video at

Active Surveillance Patients International has posted videos of its webinar series on transperineal biopsies. You can view the videos at

Are you in need of prostate cancer support? Find a virtual support group, which you can join from any location, at

We are excited to announce that we are putting together a Spanish language prostate cancer support group for men and their caregivers. The group will meet once a month, with the first meeting happening in June. This is a virtual group which can be accessed by internet or phone from any location. To sign up for the group, please email Terri at Space is limited.

Keep up with the latest important information on COVID and prostate cancer, including Dr. Mark Moyad's continuing series of articles on the topic, at

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