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Welcome to the October 2020 issue of the Hot SHEET. October has meant the changing of leaf colors most of my life. From Michigan, to New England, and now back in Chicago, the colors are often spectacular. In 2020, Fall also brings the fear of another wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whatever the pandemic has in store for us, I truly believe that we will be most successful by sharing our love and our resources with each other. Us TOO uses Support, Education, and Advocacy/Awareness to help all those affected by prostate cancer to be more successful. Let us be the change we wish to see in the world and share this approach with those affected by COVID-19.

Over 800 individuals participated in SEA Blue 2020 this year and helped us raise $157,000, well above our $100,000 goal! If you were among them, thank you. If you missed it live, you’ll be able to watch the entire program soon on our website. Through a special section entitled: SEA Blue—A Deeper Dive, you’ll also get to see other segments being shared for the first time. Hope you’ll visit for this and other resources.

As always, we have a number of useful articles included in this issue of the Hot SHEET. Let me highlight the Between the Sheets insert compiled with the help of Dr. Anne Katz, Certified Sexuality Counselor and Clinical Nurse Specialist at CancerCare Manitoba. She has educated thousands of healthcare providers and cancer survivors about cancer, sexuality and survivorship. Find out more at

Prostate cancer is a personal struggle and a family affair. The survivor writes:

This question is more about my wife than me…The real problem is that my wife is driving me nuts! She’s angry and sad, crying a lot or telling me that I’m not listening to her and I just want her to stop! I’m not really sure what she’s so upset about – I’m the one with prostate cancer, I’m the one who can’t get it up, doesn’t she think it’s upsetting to me too?

Dr. Katz is familiar with this type of situation and focuses on “what can be done for BOTH of you. The answer lies in part in communicating openly and honestly, without trying to protect her feelings. Let her know what YOU are thinking about your treatment and how you are dealing with the uncertainty that you are most likely feeling too.” As a survivor for 11 years, and a husband for 30+ years, I recommend considering Dr. Katz’ advice regarding communication as often as possible. Dr. Katz also recommends Us TOO’s “A Forum for Her,” a powerful support group of and for female caregivers,

Like all Us TOO programs and services, A Forum for Her is available at no charge thanks to our sponsors, donors, and partners. It represents our continuing effort to reach all affected by prostate cancer.
Webinar Series:

Our Prostate Cancer Connections Webinar Series will return on October 15th, 7-8:30 pm Central time with a totally new program focused on genomics and genetic testing. It will feature Medical Oncologist and Us TOO Board Member Heather Cheng, MD, PhD and Genetic Counselor Katie Stoll, MS, LGC. As Katie states: “Genetic testing technology is changing rapidly and there are a growing number of genetic testing options available. We’re here to help you sort through the wealth of information in this new age of genetics. Our goal is to provide objective expertise and latest developments." You can register at:

Us TOO and AnCan are co-sponsoring a 4-part webinar series entitled Active Surveillance and Beyond. You can view a recording of the July and September programs and register for the November and December webinars though

COVID-19, Prostate Cancer, and Us TOO: Us TOO has created a webpage dedicated to addressing the impact of the pandemic on all of us affected by prostate cancer. It includes our exclusive articles by Dr. Mark Moyad and many other resources. It is updated frequently, so please bookmark it and visit often.

Shalom. Salaam. Peace.
Beau and the Us TOO Team

Beau Stubblefield-Tave, Executive Director
James Hutson, Development Director
Tracy Cameron, Administrative Assistant
Terri Likowski, Program Director - Support Group Services
Tim Mix, Communications Director