Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Heather Heyer who was murdered by white supremacists, hatred, fear, and Trump's racism. Seeking freedom and justice, Heather fought side by side with many others this past weekend. Aubin echoes the call from Color of Change: take down all confederate symbols across the nation. Stop tolerating, coddling, celebrating white supremacists.  We are forever grateful to the work of the activists and organizers on the ground who continue to fight and prepare for what is ahead. 


In Aubin news,  Garrett Bradley, the director of  American Rhapsodyshares some exciting news about her short film Alone and her TV directing debut (hint: how much do you love Aunt Vi?!).

Chavela  has been busy jetsetting the globe and gearing up for its Theatrical Release in October (stay tuned!!!!) and in anticipation of the release, we are featuring gorgeous limited edition photographs of Chavela Vargas for sale. 

Sadly we are saying see ya soon, peace, but not goodbye, to our favorite Assistant Editor. And there are always "Films We Love."

Summer seems to be careening into a rapid close and we know you're hotter than you should be.  In homage to a slice of New Orleans featured in this newsletter, please enjoy the musicality and Louisiana flavor of Dirty Dozen Brass Band  in this song called Use Your Brain .

- Cat & the Aubin crew
American Rhapsody  Director Wins at Sundance and directs an episode of Queen Sugar!

Garrett Bradley's short film,  Alone  was selected for the Short Film Jury Award in Non-fiction at Sundance!  This melodic investigation into the layers of mass incarceration and its shaping of the modern Black American family is seen through the eyes of a single mother in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Read more about Garrett Bradley  at Sundance and watch
If you love the film (which we hope you do!) you can vote for the film in a new festival called THE WRAP. VOTE HERE !

As  Queen Sugar  goes into its third season, Ava DuVernay has brought in a talented all-female directing team and this season 
Garrett Bradley is included in that lineup
. You can catch her directing chops on Queen Sugar Episode 212  on September 20th on the Oprah Winfrey Network.
Limited Edition Photos of  Chavela Available!

Peace and love shouts to our 
Assistant Editor!

For over three years, the one and only Hajer Salem not only ensured that thousands of digital files made their way with proper pixelation to the big screens. But she kept us all smiling. She demonstrated pitch-perfect interventions, ease with the humdrum of daily life, ever-amusing understandings of her sisters, friends, lovers, and, of course coworkers, and calmness when the going got crazy. She has a keen grasp of priorities and clear and just values set in part by living in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and New York during Trump's demonization of Muslims. She's the best big sister that the four New York City kids being raised in this base camp could have. 

Sage beyond her years, Hajer is a bright light for all of us seeking justice, joy, and powerful filmmaking and we're confident she will radiate wide from her new home on the Left Coast. Be kind to her Los Angeles, but if that's beyond you, feel free to send her back to us. We'll be waiting with open hearts and good gigs. 

MAJOR! Official trailer
MAJOR! Official trailer

MAJOR! explores the life and campaigns of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a formerly incarcerated Black transgender elder and activist who has been fighting for the rights of trans women of color for over 40 years.

Miss Major is a veteran of the Stonewall Rebellion and a survivor of Attica State Prison, a former sex worker, a community leader, and human rights activist. But she is simply "Mama" to many in her community. Her personal story and activism for transgender civil rights intersects all struggles for justice and equality from the 1960s to today. At the center of her activism is her fierce advocacy for her girls, trans women of color who have survived police brutality and incarceration in men's jails and prisons.

Grand Jury & Audience Win at OutFest!

We are thrilled that OutFest awarded both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award for Documentary to Chavela for " its artistic style that elegantly and poetically brings together raw archival footage, animation, editing, and sound design." Here is the official news.



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