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Spring Newsletter 2017

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Hot Springs Welcome Center is Reaching Out

We are thrilled to send out the first edition of, what we hope to be, many  informative  newsletters to come. Our aim is to keep you updated on current events and happenings in our area.   
The mission of The Welcome Center is to promote local businesses, events and area attractions of Hot Springs to all visitors and guests of town.  We are located in the heart of downtown at 92 Bridge Street, across from the Post Office.   
This year we are preparing for another busy tourist season.  During the 2016 Season our staff documented over 11,100 visitors stopping in for information, directions, and suggestions.  We are prepared for tourist questions and to provide each visitor with valuable information on short-term lodging, places to eat and outdoor places to explore.  Inside there are also fascinating exhibits about our area history and the natural world around us. 
The Welcome Center is operated in part by the Hot Springs Tourism Association with support from the Town of Hot Springs.        Learn More at

Hot Springs Homegrown & Handmade Market

You can always tell spring is near when the downtown farmers market opens in downtown Hot Springs. Starting on April kidding around... on the front lawn of the Alpine Court.   
Every Saturday, you'll find plant starts, seasonal produce, earth-friendly cleaning products, crafts, delicious locally baked goods, cheese, meat and honey.  Stop by to get all your garden goodies from 10 am to 2pm every Saturday.  

Hot Springs Library is moving up
...up to 170 Bridge Street

It's Official.  After many years of searching for a permanent space and long hours of remodeling, the Hot Springs Library has moved into their new space.  
Now they are located on the main street next to the Mountain Home Real Estate office.  The Friends of Hot Springs Library have purchased  the new building & are continuing to raise funds
to pay for it. They provide the same great service, resources and programs, so check it out.

The Library Open House will be held  March 24, Friday, at 5:30pm.   

It's Electrifying!
Car Charging Station in Town

Last fall, the Hot Springs Resort & Spa took it upon themselves to fund and install two electric car charging stations.  The stations are open to all visitors in town. They are located beside the Hot Springs Campground's camp store.  It is exciting to see them being used - sometimes two vehicles at a time!   Thanks to the forward thinking of the spa grounds management team, they are providing a valuable service to the public and the environment.

horse Prince Hal
Register Now for this Falls Civil War Warm Springs Skirmish

We are eagerly awaiting the reenactment of a historical event that occurred at the Warm Springs Hotel in October 1863.  
The 2nd NC Mounted Infantry was a Union regiment out of  Greenville, TN.  The group of up to 200 men had set off to the springs for rest and relaxation.  The hotel was closed so the Union took advantage of the situation and set up camp.  
Word spread to NC Governor Zebulon Vance.  So he sent out Asheville's CSA 25th Infantry division.  With Major Woodfin leading the charge, he was crossing the wooden bridge over the river when a shot rang out from the second floor of the hotel.  Major Woodfin was shot dead and fell off his horse into the waters below.  Twelve more days of skirmishing went on until the Confederates drove the Union out of Madison County.
Prepare to join us on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 3 - 5 to watch this historical event come to life. 

Learn More at                                Photo of Major Woodfin and his horse, Prince Hal.

Silvermine Wildfire 2016 Update  

During the exceptional drought of last year, some of us were witness to the incredible efforts of the USFS, the Hot Shots, the Hot Springs Fire Dept and others battle the Silvermine blaze threatening town.  After over a week of smoke-filled skies and trail closures, the fire finally consumed about 6,000 acres of forest.  
Though it was terrifying and incredible to see, the town stayed safe.   Due to the burn though, we should see some amazing wildflower blooms throughout this year. AT hiker season runs from March to October.
Also note:  The long-awaited rains began in November to help replenish low stream flow throughout the area.  River levels are now back at normal levels and private rafters and kayakers are already running the river.  Rafting season runs from April to October.

By Lions Club
2017 Schedule of Events 
in Hot Springs!

Mark your calendars.  Below is a list of events that are currently scheduled for this year.  Dates and times are subject to change. Check ahead for any cancellations or rescheduling of events prior to arrival.  

April 22, Sat.   -                     Community Trailfest 
                              Sponsored by Madison County Community 
                              Learning Center                     
May 3 - 5, Thur - Sun. -         French Broad River Festival
                                                       Sponsored by
May 20, Sat. -                       Vintage BMW Gathering
June 10, Sat. -                      Bluff Mountain Music Festival
                                                       Supported by Madison County Arts Council
June 23 - 25, Fri - Sun. -       Concerned Bikers Association Rally
                                                       Sponsored by CBA
July 1, Sat. -                          Independence Day Fireworks
                                                       In support of Hot Springs Fire Department
July 13 - 16, Thur - Sun. -     Wild Goose Festival
                                                      Sponsored by
Aug 21, Mon -                      Total Solar Eclipse
Rare Event Visible from this Area
Sep 16, Sat. -                      
German Internment Camp Centennial
More details to come...
Sep 23, Sat.
-                       French Broad Brew Fest
                                                       Sponsored by
Nov 3 - 5, Fri - Sun. -            Skirmish at Warm Springs Encampment
                                                       Sponsored by
Dec 2, Sat. -                          Christmas Parade  
                                                       Sponsored by the Town of Hot Springs

In Memorial to Pete Nagle

Mr. Pete Nagle of the Mountain Magnolia Inn filled many shoes in our tiny town.  Sadly, suddenly and unexpectedly, Pete passed away on February 9th.  He was a visionary community leader and devoted Board Member of the Hot Springs Tourism Association.  We will miss him dearly.  Our condolences to the Nagle family. 

Hot Springs Welcome Center
92 Bridge St

This newsletter is written by our volunteer Scot Zalewski
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