After one of the longest, hottest summers, the forecast is for a cool down going int the end of August and early September. However, no rain is in the forecast. The irrigation need will be lower going forward but the long range forecast is for continued dry weather. The past 2 months set a record for the most over 90 degree days. We have also had of one of the driest summers with only one stretch of irrigation worthy rain since late April.
With weather this dry and warm, our irrigation need have been 25% greater than the past 7 year average and in 2017. Your irrigation bill will likely be 25-35% greater that last year as the 25% increased irrigation need is compounded by the increasing water rates. Most rates increased at least 5% while some increased 10-15%. Not good news for your budget. We work hard to manager your irrigation use to keep your bill as low as possible but are at the mercy of the weather and rising water rates.  

Improving Irrigation Efficiency
There are lots of projects that can improve irrigation efficiency including weather-based irrigation, system upgrades, drip irrigation, and lawn elimination. However, each sites needs are different. This is why we are now proposing irrigation system evaluations in 2019 budgets.   
These evaluations will provide system maps and a zone by zone evaluation of the systems efficiency and problems. With this evaluation, we can work with you to develop projects that will both reduce your water use and save you money while improving the appearance of your landscape by elimination the drought stress dry spots and unhealthy plants.  
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