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December 5, 2013


Hot Tamales, What's Next, Brain Orgasms and Saying Merry Christmas


Fear. Just seeing the word can cause anxiety, but it's no secret that the best way to deal with our fears is facing them head on.  For cancer survivors, fear of recurrence is always there somewhere. Breast cancer survivor Jean Criss reminds us of that today in My Hot Tamales. And are you thinking about "retiring to something else" but is fear holding you back? You're not alone. Don't miss today's article on getting ready for your next act. If you're feeling a little sorry for yourself, Stephanie Urdang offers some great advice on dealing with life when it's unfair. On a lighter note, Ann Boutcher shares a delightful story we can all relate to about getting caught when we do something stupid. On an erotic note, did you ever have a brain orgasm? Don't miss Charlotte Rose's post today. And Liz Smith says if you can only see one spectacular this season go the Radio City Christmas Show. And read what she thinks about saying 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas.' What do you think?Leave a comment on Liz's page. Read on for today's highlights.


Hot Tamales. Jean Criss has a message for breast cancer survivors - 'Don't let CANCER get the BREAST of you!' - which is the overarching theme of her book, My Pain Woke Me Up-BLISS! Jean is five-years cancer free, but she has not been incident fee. Today she shares her latest scare which turned out to be an uncommon infection called "breast cellulitis", which if ignored, could have had drastic consequences.   Read "Hot Tomales".


Life Isn't Fair.  Stephanie Urdang offers her wisdom, grace and advice today to Tomatoes questions, including this one. "Several people in my immediate circle have lost loved ones this year.  The economy has had a terrible effect on my work situation and the other day I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a store window.  I honestly did not recognize the middle aged woman who turned out to be me.  In all these situations, I keep coming up with, 'It isn't fair!'.  I am getting tired of feeling this way.  How can I look at this differently?" What does Stephanie advise? Read on.


Brain Orgasms. Has a sexy voice whispering in your ear, or a head massage when you're getting shampooed at the salon ever given you a tingly sensation of pleasure? Well you just had a brain orgasm, also known as an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).  Our sex journalist Charlotte Rose has the scoop on this phenomenon.


Retirement Sandtraps. If you're at that point where you're thinking about retiring from your current career, or perhaps already have, but you're afraid about outliving your money, Dr. Marie Langworthy, co-author of Shifting Gears, offers some sound advice.  Read more in part I of a three part article on Retirement Sandtraps.




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