August 2017 Update # .0018
Domestic Disturbance
Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car Team
~ Build Phase Year Two ~

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We've been focused on the mustang body and the trailer overhaul this month. The trailer work has been hot, grimy & sweaty...a real old fashioned work-out. It's definitely whipping us into shape. Thankfully, the cool shop ac is only a few steps away! ~Jill

They are making great progress on the trailer front window project & brake system. Rod handled all of the framework fabrication and Jill has been drilling the rivet holes. The make-over is big undertaking, and will be well worth the effort.

Rod shown removing original skin & frame.
Ready for new framework fabrication...
Rod cut & welded the new frame in place
Jill drilling rivet holes, after Rod fitted the new panels and cut the window opening.
AFTER Photo..
The Mustang body mounting & tinwork is in-process, and the Nova body work looks fantastic. (Photo below: Nova mid-way through body work)

The long lead time car components are arriving, and will be installed after the mustang body mounting and trailer upgrades are complete. Everything is rolling right along, but can't happen fast enough!

Body Mounting Tubing and Interior Aluminum materials from S&W Race Parts // Auto Body & Paint Supplies from USA Auto Supply Philadelphia. (Scroll down for complete sponsor list & links)

AUGUST Birthdays
Jill Aug. 25th ~&~ Jessica Aug. 31st
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Special Recognition
  Joe Nimm Groundskeeping Services
Rod Fazekas
Driver of the 1966 Nova: Rod is a race car builder, welder and fabricator. His custom work not only includes SEMA Show Cars and Custom Motorcycles, but also custom Homes! Rod was first introduced to the world of cars, motorcycles and fabrication by his father, Rodney, who was also an avid motor sports enthusiast and car builder. Fazekas began his career as a welder and race car fabricator at S&W Race Cars & Components.
Jill Fazekas  
Driver of the 1971 Mustang: Jill’s passion for motorsports was first sparked while watching her dad race motorcycles in the 1970’s.She became a permanent fixture in his garage by 3 and began Flat Track Motorcycle racing at 5.
Teammates Denny, Kenny, Jessica and Ella assist with time, talent and laughs!
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