Final klezmer workshops/jams of 2017
With two terrific teachers 

Sunday, December 3, 2 - 5pm
with Jeanette Lewicki 

Throw away your music stand: Klezmer Intuition

Jeanette will share her strengths: How to catch chord changes on the fly, how to play along with almost any klezmer tune, and how to arrange a klezmer melody for ensemble playing. Most klezmer music follows a logical harmonic structure. Once you get the patterns under your fingers you can predict what's coming in any key. We'll identify common klezmer modes and look at typical chord patterns for each. The class will play mostly by ear in the classic klezmer tradition, moving from simple tunes to more complex ones. We'll also do a little music theory but not enough to scare anybody. This class will simultaneously build on previous klezmer workshops, get you ready for the next ones, and let you play in a marching or dancing klezmer group with confidence, and panache.

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Sunday, December 10, 2 - 5pm
with Cookie Segelstein 
 (in the yurt, heated if needed!) 

Make Them Dance:  
How to play klezmer tunes with a great feel for dancing

Includes learning tunes by ear with authentic klezmer style. Sound files will be provided before, and sheet music (when available) after the session. The tunes will be learned in a supportive and fun environment, in a call-and-response way with an emphasis on style and ornaments, melodic variation, and accompaniment tricks. Jamming will be part of the class, in a fun, learning atmosphere. Audio recording devices encouraged!

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Details for Both Events:
Participants of all ages welcome, on all acoustic instruments. Must be at least intermediate level on your instrument. No klezmer experience needed, but it doesn't hurt!
Registration: $25 sliding scale, for participants.
("sliding scale" means pay what you can afford, $5 - $25)
Pay on site with cash or check.
Refreshments included.
Listeners welcome; donation requested.
Rsvp to 415.789.7679, jams@klezcalifornia.org (say which event and instrument)
or just show up.