Clay Humane Helps
To Save More Lives
Clay Humane donated 10 sets of (small, medium, large) pet oxygen recovery masks to Clay County Fire Station 17 on May 14th. The masks will be distributed to all local Clay County rescue units to allow firefighters to give oxygen to pets more easily.
The cone-shaped plastic masks, which come in three sizes and fit snugly on snouts, can resuscitate animals suffering from smoke inhalation. Originally developed by veterinarians, the oxygen masks can be used on dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and birds. Super cute "Willow Bailey Beaglenester", belonging to Captain Bernita Bush, demonstrates the oxygen mask made for pets surrounded by the department at Fire Station 17.
Hurricane Season Is Here
Develop a disaster plan now, before the storm
Hurricane season officially begins June 1 and the preliminary forecasts do little to ease the threat of a disaster striking. Recently, a top researcher predicted a repeat of the "very active" 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, with at least eight hurricanes and a good chance several will hit the U.S. coasts. This warning should not be taken lightly, particularly by those of us who saw the destruction of these storms first hand with Hurricane Irma last year.
Disaster preparedness is essential for your family and for your pet. A household emergency plan that considers evacuation measures for each member (two and four-legged) is vital to the safety of your family. Learn more and develop your own disaster plan now!
Humane Education
Clay Humane was thrilled to visit Girl Scout Troop 1350 and speak about proper pet care and kindness to animals. In return for the humane education, the troop planted flowers to help beautify the Clay Humane grounds. We appreciate you, Girl Scout Troop 1350!
Young people have a natural affinity for animals and Clay Humane can be a resource for parents and educators to help nurture that bond. Instill empathy and a humane ethic in children at every stage in their development. Learn more about our humane education opportunities
Pars Fore Paws
Monday, October 1, 2018

Pars Fore Paws annual charity event to benefit Clay Humane returns to Eagle Landing Golf Club on Monday, October 1, 2018.
Protect The Paws This Summer
Remember the summer months can be dangerous
Almost everyone has experienced the unpleasant sensation of standing on a very hot road. How many of us realize the road can be just as dangerous and painful for our dogs? Hot pavement, debris and grasses can burn and injure a dog’s paws.
Those of us who are dog lovers want to take our dogs along on outings; however, the summer months can be dangerous for dogs. Walking on HOT pavement, gravel, dirt, blacktop, driveways, streets and parking lots can get really hot and burn your dog’s paw pads. This also includes the back of a pick-up truck (which we do not recommend you put your dog in the back of a truck, ever!), a boat dock, or any metal surface gets hot and the pads of your dog's feet need to be protected from burns and blisters. 
Paws not only get her from place to place, they also help regulate body temperature. Dogs breathe through their feet and cool themselves through the middle sections of their pads (and their tongue). 

HOW TO DEAL WITH INJURIES, signs of burned pads include:
• limping or refusing to walk 
• licking or chewing at the feet 
• pads darker in color 
• missing part of pad 
• blisters or redness 
• whining and or heavy panting may be a sign of pain 
If your dog experiences any of these symptoms, the best treatment is to immediately flush the injured paw with cool water, get the dog to a grassy area, and carry him/her if possible. It is important to keep the foot area cool and clean. As soon as you notice the problem, flush the pads with cool water or a cool compress if available. Get the dog to a grassy area, or if possible, carry him.
As soon as possible, the dog should be checked by a veterinarian. The veterinarian will determine if the dog needs pain medication and/or antibiotics.

Don't Leave Your Pet In A Parked Car
On a warm day the temperature can exceed 120 degrees in a matter of minutes - even with the windows partially open. Your pet can quickly suffer brain damage or die from heatstroke or suffocation.

Clay Humane Attends Annual Spay Café
The students at W.E. Cherry Elementary held their famous Spay Café event to raise funds for area non-profits and animal rescue groups. Teacher Rebekah Harp guided the students in providing lunch and a show, serving her famous vegetarian spaghetti and garlic cheese bread. Clay Humane was treated to the musical number "School of Rock", complete with dancing and a positive message about kindness to animals. The lunch and show fundraiser was a big hit with the guests! Thank you to Rebekah Harp and her students for using their superpowers to help animals everywhere.  Rock on! 
You Shop, Amazon Gives
Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Clay Humane whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. Shop now or learn about other ways to help the animals .