March 22, 2018
Hotel Booking Trends and Technologies of 2018
By Kacey Bradley at

With more and more lodging options becoming available, it’s up to hotels to provide the best customer service they can. And, while that certainly includes the actual interactions between staff and clients, it also consists of the booking services your facility provides.
Each year, this technology changes as the world advances — 2018 will be no different. In fact, the trends in booking have already begun to rise to the top. Here are six of them:
1. The Fall of TripAdvisor — and the Rise of Other Booking Sites

Once upon a time, your hotel’s reputation depended upon its star rating on TripAdvisor. The site allowed visitors to provide post-trip feedback that depended on your service — a fantastic stay equaled a high star rating and vice-versa.

But TripAdvisor's reputation took a huge hit when it was revealed that the site removed allegations of sexual misconduct made against particular lodgings. On top of that, their on-site booking application isn’t well regarded. For these reasons, you should start checking more sites for client reviews and suggestions. Facebook and Google are two of the potential challengers to TripAdvisor’s reign, though the former has yet to include booking features.

An Employee Medical Inquiry May Be A Landmine
There are many chronic diseases which may affect a person’s health, such as asthma, diabetes or hypertension. However, an employer must be very careful and mindful of the law when asking about their workers’ health.​

An employer’s right to require medical exams or to ask current employees about disabilities is limited by disability discrimination laws. Inappropriate medical inquiries may create legal exposure, in the event of disciplinary action taken against a job applicant or employee sometime in the future. In situations where medical exams or inquiries of current employees are permitted, they must be completely and solely focused on the employee’s ability to perform the essential job functions.

CLIA lodging members can call the FREE CLIA Helpline at 916 925-2915 with questions about this topic as well as other labor, legal and operational questions.
On March 8 th , 2018 the Second Annual California Lodging Investment Conference or [CLIC] 2 was held at the Hilton Irvine/OCA and sold out again with 291 registered Attendees. The California Lodging Investment Conference is the only one-day conference focused exclusively on the California Hotel Market. The goal of [CLIC] is to bring together Lodging Professionals and Emerging Talent for professional development, networking and support of the community.

For the past two years, [CLIC] has donated thousands of dollars to CLIA Dollars for Scholars Program, CREW-OC Scholarship Program and Bracken’s Kitchen to help feed at risk children and families in Orange County, CA.

Craig Sullivan, Exe. VP of Parkwest General Contractors, is the Founder & Chair of the California Lodging Investment Conference. This one-day event is also Co-Produced with Arnie Garfinkel of the All Star Group. [CLIC] has successfully harnessed Speakers, Brand Spotlight & Networking all into a General Session Conference for the California hospitality industry. If you are in the California Hotel Market or want to be in this market that is such a large economic engine for the Golden State. You should attend next years California Lodging Investment Conference. For further information please tour our website at
The Big Bad BBQ Blowout with Glenn Hausman
On March 8, Glenn Haussman hosted the opening panel at the California Lodging Investment Conference. The next day, a celebratory BBQ was held with lots of discussions about the state of hospitality, how California is an hotel economic driver, and lots of fun stuff was discussed over several beers.

Joining Glenn in this informative and entertaining podcast are CLIC conference founder Craig Sullivan and Bruce Ford, SVP, Lodging Econometrics.
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Join Fisher Phillips attorney, Ed Foulke, for a complimentary webinar series dedicated to hot topics in workplace safety and employment law.
March 14 | 11:00am
Topic: Effectively Handling an OSHA Inspection: The Legal Aspects of OSHA and Citation Defense
May 16 | 11:00am
Topic: Active Shooter
September 19 | 11:00am
Topic: OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces & Fall Protection
November 14 | 11:00am
Topic: Developing Safety Managers Into Corporate Leaders

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