November 19, 2020
Since the beginning, safety has always been our #1 rule. We’ve always asked you to walk or run on the sidewalk, walk or run facing traffic, and be respectful to drivers. When it gets dark, we ask you to wear a blinkie.
We continue to take that responsibility very seriously, especially in 2020. We are working diligently with our medical partners – TMC & El Rio Health– to determine the best circumstances for us to meet and GET OUT. That means following CDC guidelines about group size and social distancing. That means limiting the number of people that can participate in-person at any given time. It also means we will tell you if your nose is sticking out of your mask, and we will tell you if you are closer than 6 feet to us or others.
We take pride that we have always been a completely free event. We’re not economically motivated, other than to get people outside and connected with our downtown restaurants. Because we’ve partnered for 12 years, we feel fortunate that Hotel Congress is hosting us in their large courtyard as a kindness. We hope the small amount of money they make – and their bartenders make in tips – is token enough for us to show our appreciation.
Bottom line? If you don't think it is safe to meet in person, please continue to GET OUT where you feel comfortable. In fact, we open registration every Monday (and Wednesday) morning so you can get credit whenever and wherever you choose to GET OUT. We do not want anyone's lives to be at risk, but if you feel you can walk/run around downtown safely, then the in-person option is for you!

Regardless of how you participate - please feel free to keep GETTING OUT and of course, send your selfies HERE!
Every hop/skip/jump/walk/run or roll still counts!

Monday from 5:15 to 6:45 pm:


Meet Me at Hotel Congress!

Things to know: 
  • Safety is our top priority!
  • Masks are required while in the Hotel Congress patio.
  • Let's be physically distant and socially responsible, please
  • No walk with a leader groups yet.
  • Route guides will be available (There are construction changes!)
  • Enter from Toole, exit on the 5th Ave. side. (One-way traffic)
  • Per CDC guidelines, masks are suggested but not required while exercising.
  • Bring your own water!
  • Bring your own blinking light and flashlight!
  • No onsite check-in: check-in from home, or by phone from 6 am to 9 pm. 
  • If you're not ready to join us, you can still walk, run, roll, hop, skip or jump from anywhere, anytime Monday. It counts if you Get Out.
  • If you'd like to pick up the MMM shirt, cap or pin you have earned, YOU CAN! 
  • Wear your Maynards shirt if you have one!
  • There is a special drawing for supporting our MMM Restaurants! Bring your receipts with your name already on them! (We will NOT have a pen)
  • You do not have to be present to win a raffle prize!
  • No hand stamps for restaurant discounts yet - please tip generously!

The Cup Cafe patio is currently limited to 125 people. Please grab your route guide, shirt, cap, or pin, and head out for your walk. We'd love for you to come back to Hotel Congress for a $3 beer or a $5 wine, or dinner from Plaza Eats food truck!
The Cup Cafe is not open on Mondays.

Monday when you check in, you will be automatically entered into the raffle!

Our sponsors bought gift cards to support our Meet Me businesses and restaurants!

This week you could win $25 at Urban Pita!
We will email the lucky winners, post them on Facebook, and put their names right here next week!

Last week's raffle winners:
Shawn H. won $25 at Pueblo Vida Brewing
Peter L. won $25 to Boca Tacos
Guy D. won $25 at Empire Pizza!!
(The winners have been contacted !)
Please keep checking in, and sharing your safe distancing photos!
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Want more info?
The Cup Café has reopened with many of the classic dishes that Tucson has come to love! We are excited to share some new exquisite dishes that embrace the sense of place that Hotel Congress and Cup Café have been known for over the last 100 years. 
Please keep in mind, this is not the time to ask for a discount, 
this is the time to tip a little extra. Or a LOT extra! 



Please wish them well and say THANK YOU!
Alaska is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Thank you, John!
Linda wins the "Most Mysterious Selfie" award, from New York!
John in Sedona, 60 feet away from others!
Kevin in Pittsburgh getting out with Meals on Wheels food drive and the Planters NUT Mobile!
You can send us your photos from anywhere, just Get OUT!
Barry, Dan and Warren stay safely distant, but enjoy a beer together!
Welcome back to this team of athletes!
Those downtown streets have missed our colorful shirt collection!
Guy plans to leap over this period of time, and we are right there with him!
We love new friends, welcomed by a fabulous band, and a terrific bar!
This Century Club met on the corner of Congress and Scott!
Lots and lots of new friends on their first time out! Welcome!
Welcome back, Don! Delightful to see you!
You don't have to be present to win, just ask Karen!
We are so grateful for our volunteers!
Cassa and Dr. Craig say, "Stay safe, Tucson!"
One of our favorite bartenders, Star from Maynards Market, has transitioned to Plaza Eats on Monday nights! Say Hi!
A very well-behaved small crowd enjoyed a not-so-well-behaved band!
We love our Determined Luddites!
Larry turns 200, and Roma leads a "Standing O!" Congrats, Larry!