Monday is the BIG DAY!
Last Reminder

Hotel booking opens Monday (December 10, 2018) at 7am East Coast Time.   I strongly recommend booking online at our HSR booking link instead of calling. If calling, you must mention you're with the High Seas Rally group.   Both the booking links and front desks phone #'s will be posted on our hotel page directly below each of the hotels information. Just look for the  Green blocks.

Don't forget to REFRESH your page or log out, then log back in after 7am OR you'll be seeing an old page without updates and no live booking link.

Should both hotels fill quickly as we expect, I'll work on a plan B. Just don't panic.
February 1st - Next Payment Due Date

Just a reminder that your next payment is due on or before February 1, 2019.  CONGRATS to those who are already Paid Off In Full and have been entered in to our Early Bird Drawing!!!  You too can still get into this drawing as long as you pay your balance off in full before Feb 1st.  You're gonna pay your cabin off why not get in the drawing and have the chance to win the price of their cabin up to $5000 in Cash on the 1st night of the cruise!!!
Travel Insurance

If you haven't yet, it would be a good idea to check out travel insurance. Cruise is still a long way off and it's leaving pretty much the 1 st week of December. So unlike our past cruises, Northern states could be more affected by weather in your travel to get to the ship. The insurance also pays for airfare, accidents, lost luggage, cruise price, hotels...pretty much whatever you want to include. You can add airfare, etc, later if you want.  If you purchase travel insurance, please let us know by e-mail so we can support you if the insurance company has questions.

And Almost 1400 Already Booked

If your friends & family haven't booked yet, there is still time...but they better hurry if they want a balcony.  Christmas time is the perfect time to give the gift of a High Seas Rally cruise to that someone special.  What better way to make memories of a lifetime!!!