May 24, 2018
Hotels finding ways to influence, share guests’ photos
by Danielle Hess of
Social media experts at hotel companies said user-generated content is the wave of the future, which is why they’re creating and influencing Instagrammable moments and asking for permission to use photos taken by guests for marketing purposes.
REPORT FROM THE U.S.—Sometimes the best way to show off what a hotel has to offer is by using photos taken by actual guests.

That’s why social media experts at hotel companies are finding ways to influence what guests post on social platforms on-property, and are asking for permission to utilize user-generated content on hotel websites.

Sam Trotter, senior marketing strategy manager at Charlestowne Hotels, said his team attempts to influence Instagram moments through interesting design elements.
This includes creating areas at the company’s hotels “where guests can interact with those pieces on their own and then hopefully put it on Instagram and tag us,” he said.

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Q1 2018: U.S. Hotels Post Yet More Positive Profit Growth
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Hotels in the U.S. posted a 1.8 percent year-on-year increase in profit per room in Q1 2018. This marks the third consecutive year of GOPPAR growth for the period, according to the latest poll of full-service hotels in the U.S. from HotStats.
The growth in profit was driven by a 2.2 percent increase in TrevPAR as hotels delivered record revenue increases across all departments.

The 2018 over 2017 Q1 TrevPAR growth contributed to the CAGR increase of 5.0 percent per annum over the last four years, to $259.68 in Q1 2018, an uplift of almost $20 from Q1 2015.

However, amongst the positive growth story, hotels in the U.S. find themselves wrestling with rising costs.

The key cost increase has been labor, which has grown to 35.8 percent of total revenue in Q1 2018 from 33.4 percent in Q1 2015.

Even though GOPPAR reflects a CAGR of 2.9 percent per annum over the last four years, the froth may be coming off profit conversion. GOP as a proportion of total revenue fell to 37.2 percent in Q1 2018, from 37.3 percent in Q1 2017. Moreover, flow through in the last two years has fallen from 51 percent in Q1 2017 to 31 percent in Q1 2018.
Teenaged Summer Staffing
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Incomplete Records Are Subject to Fines
The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and school authorities have the authority to audit minors’ employment records.
If an employer has not obtained and kept work permits, it may be interpreted as illegally employing minors. Employers may be fined $500 for the first offense. Penalties increase with further offenses.

The CLIA Helpline, free to all CLIA lodging members can answer questions about hiring minors as well as other HR, legal, ADA and operational issues. Just call 916.925.2915.
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