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Over this past week I've been squirreled away at Grand Design Live, speaking about the hottest Kitchen trends for 2017.

Over the next few weeks I'd like to share each of these trends with you so that you can share the experience and my expert knowledge.

The hottest trends I'll be sharing will include:
  • Industrial Texture
  • Sleek & Seamless
  • Mixed Materials
  • Colourful Kitchens
If you'd like to find out all about the trends now and listen to me in person then pop along to the Grand Design extravaganza at Excell in London. I'll be speaking on the hottest kitchen trends...
Saturday 6th May (4pm till 4:45pm)

If you have any kitchen concerns or queries then you can also book an appointment with me and have 30 minutes together to review your kitchen.

From the people I've seen in the advice centre, a shockingly 90% had a poor and sometimes unsafe kitchen design.

For 9 out of 10 people, the designs they shared with me did not suit their everyday needs and the way they like to cook. This means that the kitchen would irritate them every single day and end up looking cluttered.

Thankfully they came to see me before they invested in the kitchen and now they will have a dream kitchen that not only looks #gorgeous but also functions perfectly to suit them and their individual lifestyle.

When investing in a kitchen, the design is absolute key because it should reflect you, your family and the way that you like to cook.

This week, on my Facebook live 'Motivate your Morning with Gwendoline', I shared a variety of kitchen design options that have developed over the years - Factory Method, Circular Routing, Work Triangle. Take a look if you'd like help on how to piece together the best solution when designing or organising your own kitchen.

Kitchen design has changed significantly over the past 5 years as we have multiple people cooking at once and move towards an integrated kitchen that connects with the rest of the house (dining area, lounge, playroom).

If you need a little kitchen advice then just get in touch.

Next week I'll share with the Industrial Texture kitchen trend with all of the plus points and words of warning when styling this type of kitchen.

If you're struggling to plan your ideal kitchen
or need reassurance that it will
suit you and your family perfectly
get in touch
I'll help you create your practical, safe and
absolutely #gorgeous dream kitchen

Gwendoline Alderton
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If you know someone who's creative, enjoys watching the property programmes on the telly or just loves to shop and create a beautiful home then please feel free to forward this onto them for inspiration.





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