Contact: Andrea Dominguez, Chief of Staff
Oregon House District 60 Newsletter
Issue #9
News & Information on COVID-19 in Oregon

Senator Findley and I have been working diligently with the counties in House District 60 to ensure that no rural Oregon county is left behind come May 15th--this is the date that Governor Brown has said some counties will be allowed to being the phased reopening process.

I am happy to report that all five House District 60 Counties (Baker, Grant, Harney, Lake, and Malheur) have submitted their county reopening plans and all are under review by the Oregon Health Authority, who will ensure that each county has met the necessary criteria for reopening. After review, the OHA will make a recommendation to the Governor about whether each individual county is ready to life restrictions and being Phase 1 of reopening.

A link to the county proposals can be found here .

While Phase One is certainly not as extensive as we hoped to see with regards to reopening, we are moving forward and there is now a light at the end of the tunnel.

I am profoundly impressed and humbled by the excellent work our counties have done in writing, revising, and submitting these plans to the Governor's Office for review. I am proud to say that Frontier Oregon has been a true leader in this process and they have my full support.

Let's all prepare to reopen, while keeping safety and social distancing in mind.

Stay safe.
Representative Mark Owens
House District 60
Frontier Oregon—The Best Part of the State
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