Spring is springing, and that means the House of Representatives has passed our budget! As provided for by our Commonwealth's Constitution, the House is the first chamber to consider the budget, and earlier this month we did just that. There are many terrific measures detailed below that I urge my colleagues in the Senate to build upon.

Despite fears that revenue shortages would undermine FY22 spending, our better-than-expected revenue forecast allowed the House to pass a comprehensive $47.7 billion budget. Above all, this budget prioritizes targeted investments for an equitable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disproportionately affected our most vulnerable populations. The House's commitment to supporting communities in need is reflected in the sweeping investments in labor and economic development, education and child care, health and human services, and mental health services, among other sectors. Below are some notable highlights.
In addition, I was pleased that my amendment providing $50,000 of funding was included for Lexington's working group on the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution! This money will help our community prepare for what is expected to be tens if not hundreds of thousands of visitors to mark the occasion in 2025. The budget will now be considered by the Senate, and I will continue to advocate to see that this funding is included in the final version.
As of April 19th, all Massachusetts residents age 16 and up become eligible for the Coronavirus vaccine! Find out where you can get a vaccine here.
In mid-April, the Caucus convened again to discuss composting in the Commonwealth. At this meeting, we were joined by some rockstars in the world of composting and food waste reduction. First, Gretel Clark from the Town of Hamilton spoke about municipal composting policy. (In case you missed it, on February 1st, 2021, Hamilton became the first Massachusetts community to mandate composting!) Next up, we heard from John Fischer from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, who spoke about his department's programs to reduce food waste, including The Green Team. And finally, we heard from Lor Holmes of CERO (Cooperative Energy, Recycling, and Organics) who spoke about commercial composting. 

How are you reducing waste in your own life? Let me know by responding to this email, or by reaching me on Twitter @mciccolo or tagging me on Facebook @RepCiccolo using the hashtag #ZeroWaste.
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