May 24, 2017
Representing District 16 in East Anchorage including College Gate, Nunaka Valley, Russian Jack and Reflection Lake neighborhoods.
Special Session Update
Special Session

The regular session is over and we have begun a special session dedicated to a fiscal plan for Alaska and legislation addressing opioid addiction . While I wish we had been able to finish this work in the regular session, these issues are important enough to deserve the extra effort to resolve them. There is no more important job of the legislature than to pass a solid fiscal plan.

So this edition is dedicated to presenting you a complete picture of the budget situation in Juneau, explain the House’s plan, the Senate’s plan, and give you the information you need to compare them.  There are comparisons of the House Plan and the Senate Plan below. 

The Senate Plan calls for reductions to the budget of $262 million and use of a Permanent Fund restructuring which will produce a $1,000 dividend per Alaskan along with a spending cap.

Senate leaders are banking on predictions that oil prices will rise and other revenues are not necessary. It sounds good on paper, but look at this example.

Under the Senate Plan, a family of four that earns $50,000 will have no school tax but will lose $1,000 more in Permanent Fund Dividends than in the House plan.

That means Alaskans will have less money in their pockets under the Senate Plan.

Not only will Alaskans have less money in their pockets, but:

  • we won’t have solved the fiscal uncertainty we have faced for the last 45 years and
  • we will have to face years of cuts to education, public safety and other important services while we all pray for oil prices to rise.

It’s time to try something different.

The House Plan combines targeted budget cuts, reduction in oil tax credits, a Permanent Fund restructuring which will produce a $1,250 dividend per Alaskan and the Education Funding Act (a progressive school tax).
A family of four who earns $50,000 will pay $210 in school tax but get $1,000 more in Permanent Fund Dividends under the House Plan. The family will take home $790 more than under the Senate Plan.
Most Alaskans will have more money in their pockets under the House Plan, and will also have strong public safety, good schools and well maintained roads. All while still creating a solid investment climate for business.
This is good policy, it’s good for Alaskans and it’s good for business that’s why the Alaska Banker’s Association supports a plan like ours with diversified revenue.
For more comparison between the House Plan and the Senate Plan visit:

What can I do?
Contact the following Senate leadership if you want a comprehensive fiscal plan. Encourage your friends who live in their districts to do the same!

Senator Pete Kelly, Senate President - 907-465-3709 email:

Senator Peter Micciche, Senate Majority Leader - 907-465-2828 email:

Bethel region
Senator Lyman Hoffman - 907-465-4453 email:

Eagle River
Senator Anna MacKinnon - 907-465-3777 or email:   
In Your Mailbox
A hard copy edition of the Spohnholz Standard should be in the mailboxes of all registered voters in District 16 shortly. This comprehensive document has detailed information about the Alaska House Majority Coalition's Four Pillar Plan.

Keep an eye out for it.

  For a Digital Copy Visit Here.
In a neighborhood near you!
While back in Anchorage for a few days, I will be going door-to-door to connect with constituents about the special session and our fiscal plan options. I hope to see you!

If you would like to chat by phone feel free to call me at (907) 465-4940 or shoot me an email at rep.ivy.spohnholz@akleg.goc
Thanks for keeping engaged in State government. This is a critical time in our history and it's important that we all remain engaged in solving our state's budget crisis. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions! I am here to help!