Housing Connection
January 2018
Building communities together.

TSAHC believes in the power of education and building capacity for our nonprofit housing partners. Through our Housing Connection, we want to help affordable housing and counseling organizations access trainings, promote themselves, build capacity as well as provide a network where best practices can be shared. 
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TSAHC would like to thank and recognize Jordan O'Brien for his $1,000 donation to support our Housing Connection training initiative for nonprofit housing organizations.

Jordan is a TSAHC-approved lender working for First Choice Loan Services.

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Tuesday, January 9th 1:00-3:00pm CST

Available 24/7 Pre-recorded

Available 24/7 Pre-recorded 
Recent News:

Can the expansion of permanent supportive housing (PSH) explain the drop in homelessness between 2007 and 2014? This study estimated the association between homeless counts and PSH beds, finding that PSH explains only part of the decrease. What other factors contributed to the decline?

Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) released on December 14 its biennial report on the state of America's rental housing, finding that while there has been an unprecedented increase in demand for rental housing over the last decade, the surge in rental household growth is now ebbing. However, the report says, the number of very low-income renter households has grown significantly in recent years-by 4.3 million between 2001 and 2015-dwarfing the increase in the number of very low-income households receiving rental assistance (an increase of merely 600,000 households) over that time period.

The outlook for affordable housing in Houston is not rosy, nor is it as catastrophic as some had feared it would be. Hurricane Harvey destabilized the region's already fragile low-cost housing market, and local leaders worry a lower corporate tax rate, coupled with an uncertain federal budget, could make building and maintaining affordable homes more difficult.
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