February 27, 2023

The Housing Element is one of the required chapters (or "elements") of the City's General Plan, and provides a road map to address and plan for the housing needs of our community.

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Planning Commission Meeting on Feb. 28th to Discuss the Housing Element and DSEIR:

City planners have revised the Draft 2023-2031 Housing Element based on comments received from the community and state Department of Housing and Community Development. On February 28, 2023 Planning Commission will host a public hearing to collect comments on the revised Draft Housing Element and Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (DSEIR) for the project. At the end of the hearing, Planning Commission will consider a resolution recommending that City Council certify the SEIR prepared for the Project and adopt the 2023-2031 Housing Element Update and related General Plan Amendments, including changes to the Land Use Element and Land Use Map which are required to implement the Housing Element.

Please note that this agenda item solely relates to the content of the Draft Housing Element and the Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (DESIR) for the project. Staff has received several pieces of correspondence related to the proposed housing at 1 Hamilton Drive. The Housing Element EIR is a “program EIR” which analyzes the impacts of the policies laid out in the Housing Element on the City of Mill Valley as a whole, pursuant to CEQA. The Housing Element EIR does not include a site-specific, project-level analysis of the proposed 1 Hamilton development or any other site described in the sites inventory, nor is it required to include such an analysis. A project-level Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be conducted for the proposed housing at 1 Hamilton Drive, including an evaluation of air quality and asbestos. See the 1 Hamilton discussion below for details.

What is the DSEIR? The DSEIR evaluates the potential environmental impacts of implementing the goals, policies and programs contained in the Draft Housing Element.

The DSEIR is available for public comment and review through March 3, 2023. You can also submit written comments on the DSEIR to Senior Planner, Danielle Staude: [email protected], 26 Corte Madera Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941.

Where can I access information? The revised Draft Housing Element and the DSEIR are available to download on the project website and may also be accessed at the Planning Department in City Hall (26 Corte Madera Avenue) and the reference desk in the Mill Valley Public Library (375 Throckmorton Avenue). Additional supporting materials, such as the staff report, are also available on the website.

How do I participate? Written comments can be sent prior to the meeting to Danielle Staude, Senior Planner, [email protected]; 26 Corte Madera Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941. The Planning Commission meeting will be held in person at 6:30pm, Mill Valley City Hall, 26 Corte Madera Avenue, Mill Valley, CA. You can also watch the meeting remotely online here.

1 Hamilton: Answers to Questions and Comments Recently Received

What is the status of 1 Hamilton? The City has partnered with EAH Housing to develop approximately 40-50 low-income rental apartments at the northern portion of 1 Hamilton. City planners and the EAH Housing Team are in the process of assembling information based on City Council and Planning Commission direction. The City will provide an announcement to the community once application materials are submitted, and will be made available to the community upon completion.

What about story poles for 1 Hamilton? The City is currently collecting bids to erect story poles for the project. Once application materials are submitted, additional details will be communicated, including the approximate dates and length of time story poles will be erected.

When will site-specific environmental concerns be evaluated for 1 Hamilton? As noted above, the City and EAH Team is in the process of preparing application materials based on City Council direction. A site-specific project-level Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be assembled for the project and submitted as part of the development review application materials. The Draft EIR will be circulated for public comment after publication of the Housing Element EIR and will contain site-specific analysis including addressing public comments related to asbestos and air quality, among other items.

Why is the Land Use at 1 Hamilton changing with the Housing Element? The Housing Element is a policy-level document that provides direction but does not result in the actual “rezoning” of 1 Hamilton. It does, however, amend the General Plan (since the Housing Element is one of the required elements of the General Plan). Therefore, to maintain internal consistency within the General Plan, City planners are recommending that City Council amend the land use designation for the northern portion of the 1 Hamilton property from its current "Community Facility (C-F)" land use designation to "Multi-Family (MFR-2)" land use designation in the General Plan Land Use Element to identify a certain level of "population density and building intensity" for the 1 Hamilton site, which will occur concurrently with the adoption of the Housing Element. (See Government Code Section 65302(a) for details).

When will rezoning occur for 1 Hamilton? In order to build affordable housing on the site, the City will create a separate parcel for the northern portion of the 1 Hamilton property with rezoning from Open Area (O-A) to Multi-Family Residential Bayfront (RM-B), which is similar to those multi-family residences in the surrounding area with a land use designation of Multi-family (MFR-2) allowing up to 29 units/acre.

The actual “rezoning” for 1 Hamilton will establish the full array of development regulations

applicable to the site and will occur concurrently with the development review proposal, which includes the project-level environmental review and approval of a ground lease for the site. Housing Element law envisions that the rezoning of sites identified in the sites inventory may occur subsequent to the adoption of the Housing Element. (See Government Code Section 65583(c)(1) for details). 

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