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262nd Edition: 11/18/2019-11/22/2019

The R&C Newsletter will be on hiatus over the holidays,
with important developments reported as they occur.
Weekly publication will resume January 2020.

News of Note

PIH Updates Chapters to HCV Guidebook

The Housing Choice Voucher Program Guidebook is under revision as PIH incorporates various regulatory changes, including PIH and Federal Register notices, into the guidance. HUD recently issued three newly revised chapters on Eligibility Determination and Denial of Assistance, Calculating Rent and Housing Assistance Payments, and Reexaminations, with additional revisions expected in the coming months.

HUD Requests that FTC Investigate Websites Selling Assistance Animal Certifications
Secretary Carson recently asked the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection to investigate websites selling certifications and/or registration materials enabling purchasers to demonstrate a disability-related need for an assistance animal. HUD raised concerns that such websites exploit disabled persons, particularly those of limited means, and enable able-bodied persons to avoid housing providers' rules governing pets. Additionally, some of these same websites purport to be associated with the Federal government, further misleading the public.
HUD Announces Updated Instructions to RAD "Completion Certification"
On November 21, HUD announced it had updated its Rental Assistance Demonstration: Guide to Completing and Submitting the Completion Certification to HUD (the "Guide"). After conversion, all RAD projects must submit a Completion Certification ("Certification") through the RAD Resource Desk. The type of Certification to be submitted depends on whether post-closing repairs (i.e., rehabilitation or construction) were required by the RCC. The Guide now includes Certification instructions for RAD conversions that did not involve post-closing repairs. HUD also updated the Guide's instructions for RAD conversions where post-closing repairs were made.
HUD Pre-Obligates Portion of 2020 PHA Operating Funds in eLOCCS

To avoid funding disruptions that the most recent expiring Continuing Resolution (CR) would have caused PHAs, HUD pre-obligated January and part of February 2020's Operating Funds in the Electronic Line of Credit Control System (eLOCCS). HUD used 2019 Operating Fund eligibility to determine the January and partial February obligations, and was able to advance funds based on the prior CR's funding levels, which will appear as one month in eLOCCS.

Upcoming Event

Lisa Tunick to Participate in LeadingAge Maryland and DC #HousingHappenings Teleconference
December 18, 2019

R&C Member Lisa Tunick will provide a HUD Hot Topics Update during LeadingAge Maryland and DC's joint #HousingHappenings educational teleconference on December 18.

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Federal Register Notices

Notice of 2019 Q3 Regulatory Waiver Requests Granted
November 22, 2019

84 FR 64545

HUD published regulatory waiver requests granted by HUD, CPD, FHA and PIH for the third quarter of 2019.

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HUD Releases 2020 OCAF Notice
November 22, 2019

84 FR 64553

HUD released the 2020 OCAF Notice for project-based Section 8 contracts, with an applicability date of February 11, 2020.

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White House Council on Eliminating Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing; Request for Information
November 22, 2019

84 FR 64549

The White House Council on Eliminating Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing seeks feedback about overly prescriptive, outdated or burdensome construction and development requirements or regulations that restrict the supply of affordable housing at the Federal, State and local levels. Comments are due January 21, 2020.

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