May 31, 2017

Our Housing Options Mini-Conference 
at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on May 25 was a hit!

Well over 100 people attended, and the overwhelming consensus 
was that the conference was very informative, providing 
numerous ways for older adults (and those who care for them) 
to age safely and comfortably in place.

Mayor Frank Huttle also stopped by and responded to numerous
questions about housing (and other topics) in Englewood.

 Below is a list of presenters and their topics.
Click the topic to view their handouts.
Safe & Sound At Home
Maureen McCormick - Chore Service
Ronni Little - Rebuilding Together
    (Ronni had a family emergency and was not able to attend.)
Stacey Orden - Safely @ Home
Karen Topjian - Design for Safety
Biggest Bangs for Your Bucks
Karla Foy - Economic Checkup
Susan Bendes - Shared Housing
Ronald Romano - Reverse Mortgages
    (Bergen County Division of Senior Services)
Barbara Wortman - Property Taxes
Based on the success of this conference and feedback from evaluations 
provided by more than half of the attendees, Age-Friendly Englewood 
will be looking into providing conferences on additional topics 
in the months ahead.   Stay tuned!

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Age-Friendly Englewood Coalition
Janet Sharma, Coordinator