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Hello from the CEO!
Housing Provider & Beyond
As you know the pandemic has caused many changes for businesses and families across the country and it has definitely hit home. Providing housing is what Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority does and we have taken some bold moves that support Hamilton County families. We initiated an incentive program to encourage more property owner participation in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV). This will mean more quality affordable housing options for families seeking homes in the private rental market. New and current property owners that sign a contract through HCV between now and November 30, 2020, or until the funds are depleted, could get a signing bonus up to $1200. Funding for this incentive program was secured through the CARES Act. In addition, anyone with a voucher originally set to expire earlier in the pandemic can get an extension through August 31, 2020. Therefore giving them more time to complete a housing search in a community of their choice.
In another move to keep families housed, CMHA extended the moratorium on evictions past the HUD deadline of July 25, 2020 until September 1, 2020. However the extension does not mean families are not responsible for paying their rent, it means CMHA will not file an eviction in court for non-payment of rent. Therefore allowing families to take advantage of locally developed resources that provide rent and utility assistance so they can make payments. It also gives them time to submit income changes to their management office so adjustments can be made. We continually strive to provide gold standard customer service to all of our clients and these bold moves do that and strengthen the community by supporting families in need of affordable housing. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "The time is always right to do the right thing."
Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority also goes beyond housing by making an economic impact in the community. We have been diligently working on the Billion dollar transformation plan that will preserve current and provide new affordable housing for thousands of Hamilton County families. We are excited about the opportunity to renovate units and provide every resident a chance to live in upgraded housing in the communities they desire. Several organizations have been interested in sharing our story of transformation and now is the time to talk because we are moving forward. So the agency is communicating and educating the community more as well as creating partnerships that uplift families who live at our sites and businesses that work with our agency. The ability to leverage funds with stable sources is key to building more affordable housing while also providing economic opportunities for minority-owned, women-owned and section 3 businesses. Please take the time to view the premiere presentation of the bold transformation that I presented to Urban Land Institute. Click here to view the presentation.
We recently closed on the financing to transform and preserve Pinecrest through the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (RAD). There are 190 units at the Price Hill site which will undergo major construction and preservation improvements estimated at $38.5 million. Families and individuals will see new kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, walls and more when they return to their renovated home. Be sure to check our website and social media outlets for information on how to join us for the Pinecrest Reno Day Celebration.

Kind regards, 

Gregory D. Johnson, MS, EDEP, PHM
Chief Executive Officer
AIP    Partner Spotlight: AIP of Cincinnati

You probably have not heard of the Association of Indian Physicians so let us introduce you to our newest partner. The Association of Indian Physicians, or AIP, is a national organization with offices in major cities across the country. The association brings together physicians, dentists, medical students and residents to provide a platform for unity. AIP strives to make a difference in each of the communities where associations are located. The Cincinnati Chapter is led by Dr. Arshdeep Tindni a renowned Nephrologist (kidney doctor) and President of Nephrology Associates of Greater Cincinnati (NAGC). NAGC provides Nephrology services at Mercy Health and TriHealth Hospitals in the Greater Cincinnati area. AIP of Cincinnati is a non-profit organization made up of 150 doctors that helps local families in need. The group also answers the call for help when national disasters take place.

Dr. Arshdeep Tindni_ MD_ FNKF_ FASN

The pandemic we are all facing has heavily impacted the country and AIP of Cincinnati decided to dedicate its efforts where the need was greatest in our area. Dr. Tindni said, "We (Cincinnati) did an amazing job shutting down when we did because the spread was not that fast compared to other major cities. We have learned that prevention is more important than cure because cure is so expensive." The organization chose to educate the public about the best defense against the disease and they also developed a COVID-19 fund. AIP of Cincinnati met with the Mayor's office and learned of three pathways where it could be of service to the community. Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority was one of those pathways and so the partnership began.

 OwnerBonus Boldly Providing Affordable Housing
Property Owners with rental units within all of Hamilton County can earn between $600 and $1200 as an incentive from Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority. The signing bonus is for property owners who submit a Request for Tenancy Approval that goes  under a HAP contract with the voucher program between July 20 and November 30, 2020 or until funding is exhausted. The Property Owner Bonus Program not only benefits landlords it benefits families seeking affordable housing. If you know a property owner with available rental units please share the information with them. Click here for full program details.

 AgencyspotlightAgency Spotlight:  Thursday Talks
Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority began a new collaboration with the U.S. Small Business Administration. The partnership is in line with CMHA's Economic Inclusion Program as it will further advance small businesses and low-to-very low-income individuals by providing them with resources that will help improve economic growth in our communities. Thursday Talks with CMHA and the SBA was created through the new collaboration. Thursday Talks is a workshop series that will be held the last Thursday of the month through October 2020. Participants will receive a number of tools that will help improve the success of their business. They will have the opportunity to ask questions of subject matter experts from SBA, CMHA and other organizations. Registration is open for Thursday Talks.
 NAHROEconCMHA Receives National Honor

Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority was one of 88 housing providers to receive an Award of Merit from the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO). The agency's Economic Impact Strategic Plan won in the Community Revitalization category which recognizes programs that have mixed-use developments, neighborhood preservation, economic development and more. Click here to read the NAHRO announcement.