An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
These past months of the pandemic have driven home the point that we can and need to do much better as a society for people who are homeless and living in deep poverty. We understand better than ever that housing, food and a basic income are essential health interventions that keep people alive while avoiding expensive medical procedures and medical settings like the emergency room. We realize that the people who work in shelters and emergency housing facilities across this state play a vital role in medical prevention, medical care and public health, but this is something that the medical community and most of society by and large neglect to acknowledge. 
COVID lessons point to housing as healthcare
Rep. John Killacky (South Burlington) shares CVOEO's view: housing is health care. In his commentary published in VT Digger in July, Killacky wrote that "once the pandemic-mandated moratorium on evictions is relaxed, housing insecurity will only escalate, sadly increasing those unhoused in Vermont. Although this year’s state budget contains substantial investments to increase shelters and affordable housing units, these will not be realized for two to three years. In the interim, we have a humanitarian crisis here in Vermont. So many Covid lessons pointed to the importance of 'Housing as Health Care.' Continued collaboration between community providers, state agencies, and the Legislature will be essential in the months ahead."
Community Kitchen Academy students graduated
The 35th class of the Community Kitchen Academy (a culinary job-training program founded by Feeding Chittenden in 2009) graduated on July 23rd. Raven, now a CKA graduate, served her final project from the Good Food Truck: Filipino orange scallion rice bowl with sweet marinated pork, creamy coconut squash sauce, and fresh summer vegetable salad!
Mobile Home Program advocates back in the field
The Mobile Home Program (MHP) team is back in the field for the second phase of the Civic Engagement & Emergency Preparedness project (funded by the High Meadows Fund). The team will be visiting mobile home communities all over the state to promote the services and resources available from MHP and our Housing Advocacy Programs. They are also gathering survey data and building relationships with residents and local community leaders.
Celebrate 802 Good Deeds Day
August 2nd is 802 Good Deeds Day, an annual event aimed at encouraging Vermonters to preform random acts of kindness. Good Deeds Day has been held for the past two years on August 2nd, or 8/02 — in honor of Vermont's sole area code. What are you doing to celebrate?