How to understand the housing market- is it possible?
S&P today 2425 - lower than a good prediction - looking for the luck of the Irish ...
Multiple offers, falling stocks, pandemics, limited inventory
In the high tech corridors there are a lot of buyers who can not or are less willing to leave their homes due to radical changes in our environment but they are still buying and overbidding. Will this change soon? We had an absolutely non-pareil first two months of sales - that will slow down. Economically jobs are still really good and inventory is in short supply - that is good for the market. And the elephant in the room?
A friend sent me this article on corona virus written by really reputable sources.
As for me I watched a woman at my grocery store glove and mask up. Then she took the shopping cart and THEN touched her glasses on her face and her phone before entering the store. She is not protected, but I am glad she thinks she is. Our water supplies and electricity are unaffected. Children do not get it. The acceleration of respiratory diseases is an inevitable development of over population and the ease of global travel. Likely the corona virus problem will get worse before it gets better but ultimately it is not going to shut us down. This too shall pass. Am I worried, no, it doesn't help.
Forecast is property values will drop in the short term
With Elliot back here to discuss the global situation.

Spring rains - summer resolution of corona virus and things should be normalizing
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