September 2017
We  HAD a Problem

My goal in this newsletter is to put a
smile on our distressed-out from Harvey faces.
M y heart goes out to all the people who have suffered.  
Stay in the Moment -  Things Can Change on a Dime  

We Have a Choice - either the glass is half empty or the glass is half full, or we can  just pour another glass...

How I Went Crazy During Hurricane Harvey
Blog By: Carla Cotropia
Time moved at a standstill.  Why can't time do that on vacation?
Kept looking out the window to see if still raining.
Tried to cover my plants, to protect them from the rain-crazy making.
Had meltdowns if Tom looked at me the wrong way - the wrong way in my mind of course.
Felt sorry for myself but wouldn't admit it.
Had my emotions on trigger alert.
Played endless rounds of double solitaire.
Ate junk.
Repeat ate junk.
Raided the liquor cabinet.
Didn't want to get out of bed.
Wanted to get back in bed.
When I realized I had a roof leak in my study, went BERSERK and pulled out wet sheetrock with bare hands. 
When I realized I had a roof leak in a bedroom closet, went double BERSERK and pulled out wet sheetrock with my bare hands.
Convinced my office building to let me in before anyone else--It only took two giant (I do mean GIANT) Italian emotional fits/breakdowns.
Once in, went crazy dragging items out of the building while it was still a disaster zone.
Tom helped me drag things out. You know that is true love!
Tried to photograph the effects of 6.5 feet of water in the office, but was too crazy to keep phone still and upright.
Spent hours thereafter scrubbing off toxic mud from items that were already ruined.
Went back to the building four more times dragging out ruined items.
Blamed mold for having brain fog.
Put toothpaste on my face instead of sunscreen.
I will stop there.  Toothpaste rubbed into your face is a wakeup call. 

What Kind of Emoji Are you?

Blog by Carla Cotropia

There was an article in the paper recently  about how using emojis at work could cause trouble.   I can see how that could happen.   What do you really mean when you send an  emoji that is winking?  Are you making a flirtatious move?  And what is wrong with just using words?  My sister is always telling her kids when they act out and get emotional/crazy, to "use their words".  She tells them to say what is bothering them rather than just acting out.  Actually this is good advice for us all.  But back to the emojis.

Here's a story from the  New York Times that I  thought you would find interesting!

Be open to unexpected, immersive experiences.

Gray Matter
By: Richard A. Friedman

Taking Steps to Settle Cases
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