June 5, 2019
Contact: Jessica Beemer (832) 393-3008
Houston Fire Department Station 101 Renovations
Houston, TX - Houston City Council Member Dave Martin would like to make Kingwood residents aware that o ver the last several years the condition of Houston Fire Department Station 101 as well as other stations in the Kingwood and Huffman areas have continued to decline. The Houston Fire Stations within these areas were never built for professional firefighters as they were originally designed as volunteer fire stations before annexation. 

Since 2014, Council Member Martin has continued to advocate for renovations at the District E Fire Stations within his district. Unfortunately, the rains that occurred the week of May 6, 2019 flooded S tation 101 before the Houston Fire Department (HFD) could address these concerns. After evaluati ng and approving plans , these renovations began on June 3 and are expected to continue through late June, weather permitting.
Since HFD Station 101 was flooded it created a very urgent situation expediting the need for immediate renovations. The safety of firefighters and their working conditions is the highest priority. The conditions created after these rain events put our first responders in unnecessary danger and that risk needed to be eliminated swiftly. 
As a resu lt HFD Station 101 is closed for immediate renovation s to address these issues exacerbated by the rain. We appreciate and share in  the public's concern for those that put their lives on the line for our community each day. Please know that the crew and equipment remains in the area at nearby HFD Stations 102 and 104 ready to serve you and your neighbors should the need arise.

We hope this situation provides a sense of urgency within HFD to prioritize the additional repairs at other stations in Kingwood, Lake Houston, Southeast Houston  and Clear Lake. These recent and more frequent rain events in the Houston area have renewed a sense of urgency for Council Member Martin to improve the work environments for firefighters. Council Member Martin will not allow the firefighters at HFD 101 to live and sleep for their 24 hour shift in post flood conditions, until all work is completed, including mold remediation.

For more information, please contact Council Member Dave Martin's office at (832) 393-3008 or