This is a very special and holy month, if you celebrate the Christian Easter,
the Jewish Passover, Ramaden, or another faith or holiday, we hope your celebration will be one you will always remember during this time of the Coronavirus and the stay-at-home orders. We can still celebrate all that is good this month, privately or with our families through technology, such as Facetime. So even though there is so much to feel anxious and fearful about, let's stop and appreciate all that is good, expecially during this month of holy holidays.
And we would like to ask, whichever God you pray to, please stop and pray for our country, our leaders, our community, our healthcare workers, and that this virus will soon be gone.

If you have not checked in with us yet, please do. We care about all of our volunteers, both active and non-active. So please send us an email to and let us know how you are doing, and if you need anything. Thank you!
Houston Ground Angels
Management Review
March 2020
Tony Castiglie, Vice President and Treasurer
What is there to write about? Our lives, our society and Houston Ground Angels have all been severely impacted by the Coronavirus with the 24-hour news coverage,  statistics  and a weary citizenship everywhere. It will be nice when normalcy returns, if it ever returns. Perhaps we will return to a new normal.
The Stats
·        Missions Run, March – 240.
·        Missions Run, 2020 – 643.
·        Daily Average – 7.
·        Monthly Average – 214.
·        Volunteers Running Missions – 47.
·        Unfulfilled Missions – 183 (22.15%).
·        Uber Missions – 65; 10% of total.
The Archangels
Of the 646 missions run this year, 67% were run by the Archangels, our Top Ten Volunteers. Although inhibited by the Coronavirus, our volunteers continue to step up.
Top 10 Volunteers – 2020
Dick Stabell 123
Charles Whitworth 93
Gerry Rein 59
Sandra Begalke 34
David LaFargue 34
Derek King 25
Bo Hunter 21
Charles Gibson 14
Peggy Johnson 14
Buena Burnett 13
Edie Cantu 13
All Time & Still Active
Charles Whitworth 1,911
Sandra Begalke 1,182
Dick Stabell 977
Charles Gibson 866
Mary Hutto 636
Charles Whitworth has now completed over 1,900 missions .  Charles joined us in November 2007 and has been rocking along ever since.
Along with the rest of the program, the use of Uber has dropped significantly. It is difficult to draw any conclusions about these stats because everything is in turmoil. We will see what happens in the future.
March 24, 2020
Houston Ground Angels,
Thank you Dick Stabell for the rides, kindness and support! We will continue to donate to your mission thanks to volunteers like you!
(Donation Included)
Pawleys Island, South Carolina
Through the efforts of Director Derek King, working with a volunteer group from Insperity, we are making some major progress in getting the Mission Management System under control. The addition of Derek to the board has been a big plus. It has been a long and tedious process, but Derek has to be commended for his persistence and dedication. Like all businesses, Insperity has been hit hard. Although they are still with us, we have been put on the back burner. Eventually, we will get there.
New Volunteers
March brought us two new volunteers. Sandy Tomme resides in the Energy Corridor and Garth Whittington resides in Montrose. Thank you for joining and we hope you enjoy being part of our organization.
The year 2020, which started out so promising, is now in a state of flux. Thus far, I am not aware of any of our volunteers or family members who have contracted Coronavirus. My nephew, a Captain in the New Orleans Fire Department, has. After a few days of not feeling very well, he has fully recovered and did not transmit the virus to either his wife or his daughter. Perhaps that is a good sign.
If our history has shown us anything, Americans will come back. Wishing everyone good health and prosperity. Peace and love to all.

Happy Birthday to our Active Volunteers

Bob Jenkins 04/03
Robert Drisgill 04/07
David LaFargue 04/17
Mike Voncannon 04/19
Gerry Rein 04/25
Don Riggs 04/25
Tony Barnard 04/25

We have a number of new volunteers and we hope to have their birthdays in our system by next month. We will wish them a happy birthday at that time if we have missed them. If we have missed any active volunteer's birthday, please let me know. We sincerely would like to wish each of our active volunteers a very happy birthday!


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Free Bookmarks to
Give Away

Derek King is offering free HGA bookmarks for volunteers to give out to patients and their friends and family.

There is a hole at the top if you would like to add a ribbon, optional.

Please call Derek King at 281-923-9634 or please email him at , and he will mail them to you.

Houston Ground Angels in the News

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Thank you to all of our volunteers for all you do for so many. Please be safe, follow the Coronavirus guidelines, and we hope you and yours will stay healthy and well. Please take care.

Newsletter Writer: Rebecca Maitland, Cell 832.752.9645
Newsletter Editor: Mary Hutto