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                                                                                 Specials in effect Sept 22-Sept 26, 2017               
Pam has your Apples!
...APPLES! It's Officially Fall and that means, well, you know.

We have APPLES! Lots of Apples - local tart & juicy Paula Reds, sweet & a little tart Cortlands, sweet & juicy Macs, super Crisp Honeycrisp and Gravensteins - still one of the best eating apples and a preferred cooking apple in Nova Scotia - the flesh is firm, crisp and juicy.

Need some ideas for including Apples in your baking and cooking? Crosby's Molasses just released a brand new eBook with 14 Apple Recipes for Fall - Cakes, Crisps, Muffins and more.


Know Your Squash...
We get asked about Squash varieties all the time so we have this handy guide, as we head into Squash season. Here, we've identified Spaghetti, Buttercup, Butternut, Ambercup and Delicata Squash. (there'll be a test later)

Squash is a great addition to fall meals and you can substitute one type of squash for another making it very versatileStore thick-skinned squash in a cool, dark place and it will last for a month or more. The thin-skinned squash varieties will keep in the fridge for up to five days.


Local Produce this week...
Grab some Fresh Blueberries & NS Strawberries...while they last!

Pickling Cukes
Buttercup Squash
NB Cauliflower
Micro Greens NB New Potatoes
Beet Greens
Leaf Lettuce
NB Carrots
Lettuce Salad Mixes
Large Zucchini
NB Beets
NB Beans
NS Strawberries
Wild Blueberries
Baskets Field Tomatoes
Fresh NB Corn
High Bush Blueberries

NB Broccoli

See you at Cochran's,
Tim Cochran   

PS: We have PUMPKINS - for cooking, for decoration, or for your pumpkin tossing party. We won't ask. Many sizes. Great selection.
This Week's Specials...





Sirloin Roast






NB Squash


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