March 2020
Because we care about the families we serve, the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation is continuing to heed the advice of global, national and local health organizations as we all work together through this pandemic.

Our office is closed to the public at this time, but we are still here to accept and process awards applications. Please call 602.252.9445 or email our staff; we will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

We know this pandemic is affecting everyone in some very big ways. To help our families get through this time, we compiled a list of resources ranging from rent assistance to help with utilities. Click on any of the buttons below to find the resources you may need.

If you are youth who has aged out of foster care, AFFCF and Thrive AZ are teaming up to provide basic needs and connect you to vital resources. Sign up here .
It doesn’t take a lot to change the story for kids in care. Make a  Foster Care Tax Credit Donation  to AFFCF. Even though the deadline to file has been extended, you only have until APRIL 15, 2020 to count your donation on your 2019 Arizona state taxes. You can get a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona state taxes, up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,000 for couples.
Most of the work that our Keys to Success team does is in-person. However, with current COVID-19 restrictions that limit person-to-person contact, our KTS team is taking extra measures to help program youth through this unprecedented time.

Our career development and employment development specialist are visiting with program youth by phone or video conferencing. Additionally, they are increasing the number of check-ins to ensure youth are doing ok. Part of these calls include making sure youth have access to technology and are able to use it effectively.

For those youth who have aged out and have lost jobs due to COVID-19, we have established an emergency fund that helps with living expenses (rent, utilities and food) until they secure a new job.
Now more than ever, youth transitioning from foster care need our help. You can help a youth in the Keys to Success program stay afloat during this unprecedented crisis by making a foster care tax credit donation today. Although the tax filing deadline has been extended until July, the deadline for you to donate and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your 2019 Arizona state taxes is April 15 .
AFFCF scholarship recipients are currently working to adjust to having all of their classes abruptly transition online as in-person classes were suspended. For some, it has been an easy adjustment, for others it has been more challenging such as for students taking complex math classes and science labs.

In terms of income, AFFCF scholarship recipients have also had a variety of situations. Some students had work-study jobs and they have been able to continue to receive payment for the hours they would have worked. Others who had jobs in the service industry are facing filing for unemployment insurance due to loss of income. 

On top of those challenges, students are wondering about how long the situation will last and what their fall semesters may look like. Students who will be graduating this spring would have never expected their last weeks as college students would not be spent in the company of their peers or that there may not be graduation celebrations.

AFFCF is one of many organizations that works with these students. There are many organizations reaching out to students and helping to connect them to resources. AFFCF is grateful for all of these organizations and especially thanks the #LoveUp Foundation for the Safeway gift cards that AFFCF sent to our 73 scholarship recipients. We will continue to be in communication with our scholarship recipients during this time.
Now more than ever AFFCF scholars need your help. Your Foster Care Tax Credit Donation can ensure that a youth who has aged out of foster can continue on his or her learning path. The deadline to file your taxes has been extended to July, but the deadline to take advantage of the Foster Care Tax Credit is APRIL 15. Give today and save later!
Normal activities are temporarily coming to a halt as we all weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, children in foster care need our help.

Thanks to a generous matching grant from the TW Le w is Foundation , you can make your donation go further. TW Lewis will match any donation of $2,000 or greater, to a maximum of $5,000. For example, a donation of $2,000 turns into $4,000, allowing AFFCF to reach even more young people in foster care.

Donate today and create a lasting impact for children in foster care.