How About Training Christian Leaders?
When we hear “teach the Word,” perhaps our minds jump to Bible study sessions or Bible Instruction Classes. But teaching the Word can also be done in a more individualistic way, encouraging the development of certain attitudes and skills. In this month’s issue, we’ll explore a LEAD group, where men are gathered around the Word with the express intent of developing as leaders. Something like this group could be useful in your situation. This example is an excellent way to begin brainstorming.

Pastor Dan Schroeder serves as pastor at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Modesto, California. He previously served in Jackson, Wisconsin; Chula Vista, California; and as Bible Study Editor at Northwestern Publishing House.
They never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah. Acts 5:42
Adult Education: Additum
The Big List of Discussion Strategies

Want to see learning activities in action? This article presents 15 formats for a class discussion that make it more engaging, more organized, more equitable, and more challenging. Each strategy is described, but you can also go deeper into understanding the strategy by clicking on the name of the strategy. Maybe try one or more of these learning activity strategies in your Bible studies.

Teaching Toolbox
A Think-Pair-Share on Think-Pair-Share

Think-Pair-Share can be a great way to engage learners and assess their understanding. It can also help develop learners' communication and collaboration skills with Bible doctrines. As with any strategy, the impact of Think-Pair-Share depends on implementation. So, what are the keys to doing a Think-Pair-Share learning activity well? Take a look at this brief article.

Curriculum Connection
Growing in Grace: Adult BIC

January is usually a month when new sessions of the Bible Information Classes (BIC) are offered. If you would like to have your BIC connect to the new Luther’s Small Catechism from NPH, and use powerful narratives from God's Word to explore the core doctrines of Lutheranism, then Growing in Grace: Adult Bible Information Course can help. The course is currently available for preorder and will be available in late October.

Teaching Tip

“Find out what your group knows about a topic before you begin a new lesson. Divide them into teams of four and present the topic. Ask them to brainstorm and list as many ideas or questions as they can come up with in a given amount of time.”


Catherine Rasmussen
Extension Professor
University of Minnesota
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