Have you read the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding Peer Reviewed article summarizing an ¹ARL study titled Topical Metered-dosing Dispenser Performance Evaluation? "The objective of the study was to evaluate the accuracy, precision and residual of available topical-metered dosing dispensers with different types of topical cream for practical application".

ARL proved that Topi-CLICK® was the most accurate among topical-metered dosing dispensers tested. "Overall, the study shows Topi-CLICK® performed with remarkable precision and accuracy compared to the other dispensers," the study concluded.

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Perl™ (Precise / Easy / Reliable / Loading) is an innovative new way to dispense vaginal medications. The result of combining the most accurate dispenser revealed in an independent study¹, the Topi-CLICK® 35, with the new patent pending Perl Snap-On Applicator, is a precise vaginal dosing method designed for comfort. (0.25 mL / CLICK) Order at http://doselogix.com/product/perl-2, call 877.877.8448, or email info@DoseLogix.com.
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