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January 2017

Happy 2017 to everyone!  There's been too much to report over the last 3 months, so I'll just be covering a few highlights.  Read on for information on probiotics and inflammation, press reports on how Acupuncture can help, and one more simple preventative for migraine.   And, yes, more on sleep just because...
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Fitness and Health
Sleep Well to Be Well
1. 21 Strategies/Supplements for better sleep, from the Bottom Line. 
  2.  Probiotic use can help lower the overall inflammation in your system.  The probiotic I recommend is from Vitacost.  Called Probiotic 15-35.  

Yelp Reviews, Thanks!
Ancient Medicine Made Modern
New Yelp Review: Migraine

"Before being referred to Dr. Sparrow, migraines had just become a part of life.  There was no way around them, they were inevitable, you just had to get ahead of them.  My main goal was to just lower the frequency of migraines, I never thought not refilling a prescription for imatrex, or not having a migraine for a month would be a reality.  Rewind 6+ months - multiple migraines per month that would just knock me out, consistently refilling an imatrex prescription.  Fast forward to present day - I have been completely migraine free for the past two months, and my pharmacy is now calling me to see if I still need my prescription that I haven't needed to fill in the past 4.  
Dr. Sparrow's knowledge and skill has absolutely changed a big part of my life.  I no longer worry about when a migraine is going to hit, for how long or if i have enough medication with me.  I can't speak highly enough about what she and her practice has done for me. I would recommend Dr. Sparrow to anyone!!. If you are even sightly considering acupuncture, give it a try!! "
. Yelp Here
Migraine Prevention
Migraines can be disabling!!
Magnesium is inexpensive and easy to take.  It may be a low cost way to prevent migraines.
Acupuncture in the Press
From "Men's Health".  The nitty gritty of how  Acupuncture helps 5 different clinical conditions.  From Headaches, to GI problems to Stress.  Nice! 

From the Denver News, a nice video clip summarizing how Acupuncture works.  For those of you who learn better from videos, or for your friends who have asked how Acupuncture really works.

Calm Down for Pain Relief
In the clinic, I'm always collecting data on patients' stress levels.  This is part of my ongoing project to achieve better, faster and more decisive results using data to help guide treatment.
This article gives some other means (besides acupuncture) to increase the "rest and digest" arm of the autonomic nervous system and calm down the "flight or fight" part.
Movement Disorder Article Published
My submission to the Journal Alternative and Complementary Medicine was accepted for publication.   Text here.
Hope to see you soon.  As always, more at the blog.  Live well and be well!

With warm greetings,   


Dr. Kristen Sparrow

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