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We're looking to expand our services and want your ideas! Is there a product or service that we could provide so that you don't have to go elsewhere to get it? Some that we are considering are:
  • IV (intravenous) vitamin therapy
  • Infrared Sauna for detox and weight management
  • Massage therapy
  • Therapy (marriage, family, etc)
  • Retail products:
    • Dry bone broth to reconstitute
    • Pasta made from black beans
    • Diffusers for essential oils
    • Natural magnesium bath salts to use with essential oils to alleviate aches and pains, muscle spasms, headaches, and that can help improve sleep
    • Natural, non-toxic make up
    • Natural, non-toxic skincare products
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Testimonial of the month
from Mark W.

I was always tired, snored all the time and was told I would need a CPAP machine. I didn't want to have to wear the machine so I looked for other alternatives. Thankfully I found out about the HCG diet at TWIHW. When I started your plan I weighed 248lbs and after 22 days I now weigh 217lbs. 

Learn about

as a hormone replacement option for our male and female patients.

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Triumph Pharmacy
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How Affordable is your Affordable Healthcare?

by Mila McManus MD and Nancy Mehlert, MS
Talk to anyone about health care and you will be hard pressed to find one single sole who hasn't noticed that deductibles, copays, and premiums are rising, and this next year will be no exception.  With each passing year, it seems that we have fewer and fewer choices, including doctors and medications from which to choose, and which tests will be covered.  These options are controlled by the insurance companies rather than by yourself or your doctor.  More and more people are frustrated with the excessive government and insurance company control over
how you spend your healthcare dollars, especially in light of the sad fact that, following the doctor visits, prescription drugs, tests, and time, your ailments and problems often persist. Seeking help for an undiagnosed set of symptoms can cost thousands of dollars and result in, for example, 1) no explanation, 2) more prescription drugs, and 3) doctor-hopping. It's easy to feel out of control and frustrated. 

Nutrition Nugget:
Just Sayin'
by Nancy Mehlert, MS

This month I want to get right to the point.  There really isn't anyone who shouldn't be on a good quality Multi-Vitamin.  Start the year right with this basic step.  Do it for the whole family. Our food, no matter how "perfect" you consider your diet, cannot provide everything you need in this stressful, toxic world in which we live. We carry several reliable and good quality choices that are easy to swallow. Give us a call or come by, and do it today. You deserve it and you need it. 

Paleo Cleanse
Are toxins draining your brain or keeping you from losing weight? Click HERE to read about our Paleo Cleanse Detox Program Options.
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Supplement of the Month: 

Everyone needs a multivitamin.  There are several reasons for this statement.  The human body uses vitamins and minerals for a vast number of processes that maintain health and wellness.  In addition to normal bodily processes, the dramatic increase in stress and toxicity in our world over the last several decades has placed an even greater demand on vitamin and mineral needs in the body.  Also, our farming practices have become so reliant on synthetic fertilizers which have radically decreased the nutrient density of our food, especially valuable micronutrients normally found in the soil.  The reality is that even those who eat an entirely unprocessed, fully organically-raised diet will have some nutritional deficiencies to some degree.
It is critically important to choose a high quality, properly manufactured supplement.  There are many vitamins in the market place which are poor quality, allergenic, contain toxins such as heavy metals and may be in non-absorbable cheaper forms.
We offer several high quality multivitamins at our facility and would be happy to find one that suits your needs.  Stay tuned for our upcoming newsletter about why vitamins are NOT all created equal.

*The product information provided is for educational purposes and is not intended as either diagnosis or treatment of any disease, nor does it replace professional medical advice.  (The FDA makes us say that)
*Warning: Please consult a health care professional before using this product.

Did you miss our article about  energy medicine ?  It's mind blowing.

Recipe of the Month:

Grainless Granola

Mila McManus MD

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Employee TIP of the Month

Nancy Mehlert from Nancy Mehlert, MS:
"I learned the hard way. I tried to save money by not taking the recommended dose of my multivitamin. Not long after that I started getting colds more often, and ended up spending money to test my nutrients in my body.  I discovered that, despite a very healthy diet, I had become borderline deficient in Manganese, B-12 and Vitamin E. My overall antioxidant status had also become insufficient.  That's all the information I needed.  I'm back on it at the recommended dose every day!"

In Good Health,

Mila McManus MD

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