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How Amanda's Story is Making a Difference
September 2015

As INTERPRO approaches its quarter-century in business, we are inviting you, our friends and colleagues, to share your story - a monthly "Quote for the Quarter" that describes what is meaningful in your life.  Stories that are selected are also followed by a financial contribution from INTERPRO to the author's charity of choice.  This month, we feature Amanda Bell from Teva Pharmaceuticals.


Imagine being content whatever the circumstances of your life might be at any given moment.  We've all heard the advice: "Count your blessings," they say.  Sounds easy enough; so why do we continue with internal feelings of strife and discord?  After years of marriage and working full time, I'm certainly no stranger to struggle, and although I have to work at it every day, I think contentment comes from being present and managing our own mind - in short, "learning" how to respond to our circumstances.
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I believe our minds, our thoughts, require management, just like an outward relationship.
In fact, it's the relationship with ourselves that
often has the most impact on how content we are.  When a nagging thought enters my mind, I can obsess over it, or I can stop and ask myself, "What do I need to do with this?" "Can I impact what I am thinking about? "  At the core of these questions is the realization of what we can truly control in life.  Acknowledging that there really is nothing we can control but ourselves is tricky; accepting that fact is even trickier!  When I was newly married, I linked my contentment with my husband's contentment, or even some of my close family members. What a trap! To wait to be content based on someone else's state of mind could leave  us waiting a very long time.  

And so, the irony may be that real contentment comes substantially from a loss of control - from letting go and being present in each moment. Being fully engaged, fully yourself, and fully ready to ask and answer in each circumstance: "What do I need to do with this?"  As we get more practiced at that, perhaps we get more practiced at truly living.
 -  Amanda Bell

Amanda has asked that we make a donation Cincinnati Children's Center for Spina Bifida Care in honor of her sister, who was born with the condition.   For more information/donate,  Click Here.

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