Dear Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,,

WOW, thanks to the Amazing Give extending the campaign through Sunday and thanks to our amazing supporters, we SURPASSED our goal! Our original goal was $15,000 -- with your help and the help of two of our favorite Foundations we QUADRUPLED our goal and met it!

AND Jungle Friends raised the most money during the Amazing Give!
 We were at the top of the leaderboard, check it out...
...we were also in the top 10 for the most donors!
This amazing achievement means that all of our Monkey Medical Expenses, from special diets and medications to emergency vet visits, will be covered for the first time ever for the NEXT 2 YEARS!

I cannot thank you enough!
Keara and our team at Jungle Friends worked really hard on the Amazing Give campaign -- we never dreamed how much overflowing support we would have for our beloved monkeys and our message of compassion.