January 2023
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Nurturing Aniyah’s Artistic Talent Along with Her Academics 
Like any parent, Aniyah’s mom just wants the best for her daughter, and education is a priority in their family. “Aniyah has always been a good student and she especially loves art,” noted her mom, Christina. “She uses art to better understand her coursework – something she couldn’t do consistently in a traditional school.
Along with her need to learn through art, Aniyah has faced setbacks due to a severe, rare allergy to citrus. Since citrus and citric acid are used is so many foods and products, protecting her and keeping her safe were beyond the capabilities of a traditional school setting. 
High Schoolers – Which is More Important, TikTok or the Clock That’s Ticking on Your Future? 
It might seem that students are back on track now that they are in the classroom again after the pandemic, but studies show that it may take another year or two to fully catch up on their education. Here are two simple New Year’s resolutions for students to keep their education moving forward.

“First resolution for 2023 is to keep your eye on the prize – graduation,” said Lindsay Reese, area superintendent. “A high school diploma means they are more likely to have a longer life, increased employment opportunities and more money over their lifetime.” 
National Mentoring Month: Alumni Step Up as Ambassadors  
There’s a lot more to high school than academics. Just ask Isabel S., who had trouble fitting in and socializing with her fellow students -- which made it hard to concentrate in class as she found herself procrastinating on homework and falling behind. Then she transferred to Learn4Life, where she was paired with an Alumni Ambassador, a recent graduate with a similar high school experience. The peer mentoring Isabel received helps students build community while making them more likely to persist through academic difficulty.1