March 2016   
Give To:
Invite Opportunity
Give For:
Customer Appreciation
Give a promo to
invite opportunity with new and existing customers.

There are many ways to say "thank you!"
I have lots of ideas.
Ask me about them!

Jill Adams, C.A.S. 
Certified Advertising Specialist
402-384-2820 x 10
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Jill's Pick:
Quality online backup that is easy to set up.

I use this to back up 
both home and 
office computers.

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Kalee Kalina, T.A.S.
Customer Service & Support
Trained Advertising Specialist
402-384-2820 x 16
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Kalee's Pick:   
I will be spending 
St. Patty's  Day in Ireland.
(I wish you could come with me too!)

Fun Fact About Ireland:
Guinness Beer originated in a Dublin brewery.

Promo Marketing for Customer Appreciation Invites Opportunity

With every customer you have the opportunity to expand your reach and grow your business.  Provide a great product, demonstrate exceptional customer service or a solve a problem and word travels. 

Build your opportunities by using purchase incentives and customer gifts for promotional marketing. They'll create results when they are useful, relevant and memorable.
Why Do People
Promotional Products?

Do you want your promotional marketing to create results? Of course you do, who wouldn't? But so many times promo items are bought at the last minute, with no regard to how they will actually function as marketing tools. 

What can you do to make sure your promotional marketing dollars are spent wisely? Read Here...

Promos for Good - Helping The Community
A portion of the proceeds from all sales of this month's featured product will be donated to the Omaha Community Foundation to help support local non-profits.

 People Love To Use Promos
Product Spotlight:
Smart Tag Key/Phone Locator

Your brand to the rescue!  When your valued customers lose their phone or keys, this Smart Tag sounds an alarm by button or by app.

It's usefulness guarantees it won't get tossed.  It's location on their keychain guarantees you'll be remembered.  It's a daily advertising impression that generates brand appreciation.