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How Are Oxygen Ions Produced And What Do They Do?

Ion generators are used to produce highly ionized air with millions of ions (O2+ and O2-) which is then delivered through the ductwork and into the treated space.  Because of their charge, these ions proactively attack the contaminants at their source to vastly improve indoor air quality.

These generators apply an electrical charge to the air which causes oxygen molecules (O2) to emit an electron. This process is depicted in the following chart.

Aerisa ionization technology provides three primary benefits:

Airborne Particulate Removal: Ions have a charge, and since opposites attract, airborne particulates agglomerate and increase in size.  Larger particles are trapped more efficiently by even low efficiency return air filters.  Larger particles also settle much faster and may then be removed by housekeeping.
Odor and VOC Removal: Highly ionized air  oxidizes odor causing compounds into less objectionable molecules such as water, nitrogen gas and elemental sulfur. Following is an example of how Ammonia (NH3) is oxidized and broken down into its individual components. The process of ionizing a molecule is instantaneous and irreversible.

Bacteria, Mold and Virus:   I ons will oxidize the cell walls of bacteria, mold and virus.  When the cell walls of these living microorganisms are oxidized, they become sterile and are no longer able to multiply. When this happens, they simply die off and are permanently removed from the space.

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Aerisa manufactures bipolar ionization technology that results in dramatic air quality improvements in a wide array of markets including industrial, institutional, commercial and residential. Aerisa successes are found in the most demanding applications, such as wastewater treatment, food processing, casino, athletic, and transportation. 



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