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A Message from the President
As we start closing in on 2021, in this issue we touch on a medley of topics businesses should plan and focus on…

  • Security awareness is still problematic. So you can be better prepared, we discuss five techniques the bad guys are using to breach your IT. 

  • This year, businesses can leverage the Section 179 deduction on the full purchase or lease price of new technology – up to $1,040,000.

  • Call Recording solutions have compelling benefits. With Mitel Call Recorder, you can quickly capture, organize, archive, playback and share voice documentation.

  • We know every business is unique, so “One Size Fits All” solutions tend to miss the mark. That’s why TCI customizes every Cloud & UCaaS deployment. 

  • Many businesses don’t have a handle on how their network is performing. TCI can help you find out with a complete Analysis & Assessment. 

TCI can help you find out with a complete Analysis & Assessment.
Contact me today to discuss how TCI expertise, solutions and services can keep your business in the fast lane as we head into 2021.

Tom Cornbrooks, President
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Stay Vigilant… 5 Techniques Bad Guys are using to breach Your IT
While we all know security is important, sometimes day-to-day operations overwhelm our good intentions to keep up with fast-moving technology threats. Staying safe means being continually aware and taking precautions against the more common techniques bad guys are using to breach businesses every day:

1. Spoofing ̶ Email spoofing is when the sender address is forged to make it appear that their email comes from a trusted source, such as your bank. The email can send you to a bogus website where your account details can be stolen. Or it appears to come from inside your own organization, asking you to change your password or confirm your details.

2. Phishing  ̶ Often posing as a request for data from a trusted source, this attack is launched via email and asks users to click on a link. Over time, phishing has evolved to include Spear Phishing (targeted attempts highly personalized for a specific individual) and Whaling (phishing scams that target high-profile users and decision makers).

3. Hijacking – This attack changes a computer’s settings to either ignore DNS or use a DNS server that is controlled by malicious hackers. The attackers then redirect communication to fraudulent sites. Website hijacking is commonly used to redirect users to fake login pages for banks and other online services in order to steal their login credentials. It can also be used to redirect security sites to non-existent servers to prevent affected users from updating their security software.

4. Malware Insertion  ̶ This refers to a variety of cyber threats including Trojans, viruses and worms which typically steal data or destroy key computer functions; usually introduced through email attachments, website visits, software downloads, or operating system vulnerabilities.

5. Ransomware – This is a specific type of malware that requires some sort of ransom payment to either remove it or to retrieve files that had been encrypted. Ransomware has been around for a long time, but it made news in recent years when payments started to be demanded in Bitcoin, making this activity virtually risk-free for cyber criminals.

IT security is a big challenge. TCI security experts can help keep your business safe. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or

Call Recording solutions… Quickly capture, archive, playback & share Voice Documentation
Many industries are faced with legal, industry and service-level compliance guidelines that require them to record their phone conversations, but any business can benefit by obtaining valuable insights into recorded customer interactions.

With Mitel Call Recorder, you can quickly capture, organize, archive, playback and share voice documentation.

The benefits of Mitel Call Recorder are too compelling to ignore:

  • Dispute Resolution – Quickly access recordings to resolve customer disputes, optimize best practices and ensure governance.

  • Operational Efficiency – Share information quickly, seamlessly and securely without the need to transcribe.

  • Customer Experience – Facilitates organizational training and operational reviews for improved customer service and fraud prevention.

  • Legal Responsibilities – Implement configurations to help comply with national and local laws, such as the PCI DSS standard.

With an affordable Call Recording solution, you can easily create a central call record archive to meet unique compliance mandates, facilitate improved internal collaboration, and improve how your team serves your customers.

TCI can help you leverage Call Recording to solve your unique business challenges. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or
Your business isn’t “One Size Fits All”… How TCI customizes Every Cloud & UCaaS Deployment 
Powered by technology from global leader Mitel, our Hosted “Unified Communications as a Service” (UCaaS) solution fills a crucial gap in the DC Region’s fast moving Cloud Voice market.

Whether you’re a small or large business, we custom design and manage every solution specifically for your unique requirements. Every TCI UCaaS client is provided a fully-featured, dedicated arrangement that doesn’t share resources with any other customer. Unlike “One Size Fits All” offerings, our solution will not restrict access to features or limit your deployment options.

Flexible Deployment & Acquisition Options

Exploiting the flexibility of today’s technology, your virtualized UC platform may be deployed on your premises, in a public or private cloud, or any datacenter location, including TCI’s. You can Rent, Lease, or Purchase and we offer Fully Managed or Self-Managed support.

A Seamless, Easy Transition

Unlike other Business VoIP providers, TCI takes care of all the important details for you, from delivering phones to network testing and set-up, feature programming, training, and ongoing support.

Proven & Experienced 

  • TCI has been providing service and solutions for 40+ years

  • More than 3,500 systems installed – local, nationwide, globally

  • Over 40,000+ lines under service contracts

  • Mitel-certified Voice & Data Technical Engineers

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Live Answer Customer Service

Ready to simplify and improve your Business Communications? Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or
Do you know how your Network is performing? Arrange for your Complete Analysis & Assessment
If you haven’t conducted an IT assessment recently, you may not know…

  • If your network is operating at peak performance.

  • What systems or applications are hogging resources.

  • How to prioritize traffic so all apps run smoothly.

  • To what extent unauthorized software and apps have been added to your systems.

  • If your current systems and networks are still meeting your business goals.

Before we get into the technology, we want to meet and learn all about where your business is heading and the challenges you face. Then our engineers will perform a comprehensive review of your systems and networks. Along the way, they’ll look for ways to make things better, smarter, and more secure.

We’ll give you an unbiased assessment of what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to change for you to achieve your goals, including a technology roadmap your business can follow to stay up to speed.

We work with you every step of the way...  

TCI builds networks you can count on. Our team ensures a successful infrastructure deployment, upgrade or expansion that will support all your Voice, Data, Audio-Video and Surveillance needs.

  • Design-build Solutions

  • Structured cabling: fiber, copper, riser, backbone

  • Network Access: Broadband, Fiber, Dedicated Services

  • Network Backbone: Switches, Routers, PoE

  • Network Security: Firewalls – Purchased or Managed 

  • Wireless Networks: Secure Corporate & Guest Managed Wi-Fi -- Purchased, Managed or as a Service

  • Managed or as a Service

  • Sound Masking / Paging 

  • Emergency / Mass Notification: Premises or Cloud Based solutions

  • CCTV – Entry Access Solutions 

  • Conference Rooms: AV & Video Conference Solutions

When you need to manage a new building, a renovation or a campus addition, our experts will design, manage, install, support and maintain the entire infrastructure.

Don’t put up with slow connections. Contact TCI today at (703) 321-3030 or

Need new technology? Calculate your End-of-Year Section 179 deduction for 2020
Time is running out to leverage the Section 179 deduction for this year… 

Section 179 of the federal tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase or lease price of new technology the first tax year – up to $1,040,000.

Yes, this deduction applies to both leased and purchased equipment. When you buy or lease, you can deduct the full amount on your taxes. When you lease, you pay the monthly lease payments and you still get to deduct the full purchase price on your taxes.

Whether you choose to purchase or lease, you'll need to put the equipment/software into service by the end of the day December 31, 2020.
Follow this link for more information about Section 179, which includes a savings calculator. Click here. 

Then reach out to TCI to discuss new solutions that can help your business get ahead. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or

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